The 4 Best Live Chat Mobile Applications

The 4 Best Live Chat Mobile Applications

A recent research has shown that mobile device users send over 30 billion messages per day. Of course, not all of them are text messages. In fact, in recent years, SMS messages tend to lose their popularity. Instead of the famous short message service, manufacturers offer us a huge number of other opportunities.

Chat mobile applications are considered as the most popular way of communication. And there is a decent reason for that. They are great for keeping in touch with your business partners and strengthening your relationships with them. They allow you to communicate with your friends and family, send different files, pictures and even documents. So here is our short list of the best live chat mobile applications. 

WhatsApp Messenger

Here is our first suggestion. WhatsApp is gaining more and more popularity. The platform gives you the opportunity to text with other people, using this app. It has a really simplified interface, which makes it a piece of cake to find the person you want to chat with. It shows the messages in small text bubbles. It notifies you when you have received a new message and allows you to use the premade notes, which are a great way to put off a conversation when you are not available. Such messages are ‘I am busy’ or ‘My battery is a about to die’. You are able to see when the other person has not received your message; when he/she is available or not. Also, it works great for group conversations. Whats App Messenger saves you a lot of money on your phone bill and it is a must-have, especially if you tend to do a lot of texting.


ChatOn is another great application. In fact, this is a Samsung mobile chat applications. But although originally it was made for Samsung, the program is not limited in only one platform. It runs perfectly on iPhone; Blackberry and even Windows Phones – the number of platforms, that it supports, is 9. One of its best advantages is the so-called Auto Translation function, which allows you to communicate with people from other countries. Also, you can upload different kinds of data, such as images, location information and even videos.

Facebook Messenger

This is our personal favourite. This incredible app is completely different form the Facebook application. Except for your Facebook messages, it is able to integrate with SMS. The latest updates added the so-called Facebook heads. This makes your communication even easier, since you are able to see the face of the person who is writing to you. It is really fun and if you are browsing while waiting for the other person’s response, you can literally move their head aside :). Also, if you don’t want to mix your text messages with your Facebook conversations, it is really easy for you to separate them.

The 4 Best Live Chat Mobile Applications


This is the last in our list. In fact, Viber was ranked as the best chat application of 2013. It has a wonderful and really simplified interface; It shows you your recent calls and all of your contacts. You can even invite friends, who do not use the application. This amazing chat app gives you the opportunity to send and receive messages for free. However, when it comes to making calls, they are free only if the other person has installed Viber too. It offers a great variety of amazing emoticons and there is even a sticker section.

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