iPhone 6 (Rumors) Vs Nexus 5

iPhone 6 (Rumors) Vs Nexus 5
Well after the launch of iPhone 5S, there is already a wave
of rumors that are telling that another version of iPhone is around the corner.
According to the rumors in the park, iPhone 6 will be launched sometime around
the spring next year. However, this is even something that is not quite a fact.
There are certain places where even this rumor comes up with some confusion.
With iPhone being at such a jinx, Google has already played its card by
launching Nexus 5, which is in fact the best phone in the Nexus series by
Google. Well, let us get this thing for sure that when iPhone 6 comes to the
party, it has to compete with Nexus 5 to prove its metal. So, let us just make
a slight comparison of what it could stand in the end!
The Design
Speaking of iPhone there has never been any doubts related
to the kind of design that the model has. Precisely, iPhone is one of the best
looking mobile phones available in the market. The sleek design and the custom
features make it one of the best in the business. However, Google has made
enough efforts to match iPhone in this field. Nexus 5 has got a complete new
and sleek look to it which makes the people more curious about the device.
There are rumors that iPhone 6 will be better in this aspect with a few extra
colors to add to the party previously constituting of just black, Silver and
The Operating System
Well, it is quite tough to choose between the two very best
operating systems in the market. Well, there is no doubt about the efficiency
of iOS and it will be very hard to compare it to Android. Then again, Apple has
launched a completely new operating system with iPhone 5S. Although the
operating system has quite many features, that resembles iOS, but the matter of
fact is that it is new! Many people have been calling A7 as the iOS 7. The
rumors say that with iPhone 6 it will be A8 and it will be interesting to
compare it with android then. Thus, until the launch of iPhone 6, we will just
have to wait!
The Display
The current screen size of iPhone is 4 inches and there is a
quite a strong belief in the system that iPhone 6 will be coming with a much
bigger screen this time. Nexus 5 has already played its card with a 4.95 inch
screen and thus, it becomes inevitable that iPhone 6 is coming with a screen
size anywhere between 4.5 inches to 5 inches! With such a screen, it will be
quite interesting to see the quality of the display unit! Nexus already has
something around 1920 x 1080 HD Pixel resolution. This means that iPhone 6
needs to come with something similar or better! This war is seriously on!
The Processor
At last, speaking of the processor, Nexus 5 has an operating
system of KitKat 4.4 with the supplementary hardware of 800 Quad core chips
with 2.3 GHz processor and 2GB Ram. This is something quite great. Apple may
not be far behind in this aspect as well. Quite similar features are expected
in iPhone 6 with an additional feature of 64 bit display unit!
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