Instagram vs Vine – Which one is Better?

Video sharing has become the next “In” thing for people. And, companies vying for top position in today’s intensified industry are banking on social media sites like InstaGram and Vine, for launching video capabilities. 

Instagram vs Vine

Although, both Instagram and Vine offer video capabilities, a question that often pops up in our mind is, “Why don’t we use both?” Let’s have a look at some of the differences between these two apps that will let you have a clearer picture about choosing the one that suits you the best:

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Instagram vs Vine – Which one is Better? (Vine)

Target Audience

Today, it is an underlying fact that a social media site is the most economical and effective way to promote brand awareness among a large number of people. So, it is important to choose a platform that helps in maximizing your reach to an increasing number of users.

Instagram is a Facebook owned app, with over 130 million users. Compared to a huge fanbase of Instagram, Vine only has 13 million users. Apart from this, Instagram offers users the ability to choose a video frame that will be set as a thumbnail to be showcased in the Facebook’s newsfeed.

However, Vine does not provide this feature. Not too many people deem it that important, but it must be understood that the minutest of elements can play a huge impact on making your online content look visually more fascinating.


When Instagram came into the picture, it gained immense popularity due to its filters and image editing features. These features helped in giving a professional look to amateur photos. Likewise, Instagram videos also possess filters and video editing ability.

Vine, on the other hand, does not offer filters and does not allow video editing.

Instagram vs Vine – Which one is Better? (Instagram)

Instagram comes with a Cinema feature that provides video stabilization. However, the feature is missing in Vine.


Instagram videos play only once, whereas Vine lets you capture and share looping videos. This bequeaths Vine with a better GIF-style quality.

Video length

Nowadays, video length has gained substantial importance among marketers, who are looking forward to increase their brand awareness in the online marketplace. While Vine has a 6-second limit for video, Instagram provides a 15 second shareable video.

Most of the marketers have found Instagram a better choice over Vine, since they found 15 seconds a better option to feature their video promoting more content about the brand. Marketers believe that it is not easy to create memorable promotional campaigns in six seconds.

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Other Differences

  • Vine videos can be muted on the desktop, whereas Instagram videos cannot be muted. 
  • While Vine lets you share videos to Twitter and Facebook, Instagram has surpassed Vine by letting you share videos not just on Facebook and Twitter but on also other social media sites such as Tumblr, foursquare, and Flickr. Additionally, Instagram also allows you to share videos via email.

Let’s Sum Up!

Earlier, Vine’s video-sharing capability made it popular among video-sharing addicts within no time. But, as soon as Instagram launched its video-sharing capability for the masses, the competition between both the social media sites has been growing incessantly.

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