Dijkstra’s Algorithm in C

Here you will learn about dijkstra’s algorithm in C.
Dijkstra algorithm is also called single source shortest path algorithm. It is based on greedy technique. The algorithm maintains a list visited[ ] of vertices, whose shortest distance from the source is already known.
If visited[1], equals 1, then the shortest distance of vertex i is already known. Initially, visited[i] is marked as, for source vertex.
At each step, we mark visited[v] as 1. Vertex v is a vertex at shortest distance from the source vertex. At each step of the algorithm, shortest distance of each vertex is stored in an array distance[ ].
Dijkstra Animation 

Dijkstra’s Algorithm

1. Create cost matrix C[ ][ ] from adjacency matrix adj[ ][ ]. C[i][j] is the cost of going from vertex i to vertex j. If there is no edge between vertices i and j then C[i][j] is infinity.
2. Array visited[ ] is initialized to zero.
3. If the vertex 0 is the source vertex then visited[0] is marked as 1.
4. Create the distance matrix, by storing the cost of vertices from vertex no. 0 to n-1 from the source vertex 0.
Initially, distance of source vertex is taken as 0. i.e. distance[0]=0;
5. for(i=1;i<n;i++)
– Choose a vertex w, such that distance[w] is minimum and visited[w] is 0. Mark visited[w] as 1.
– Recalculate the shortest distance of remaining vertices from the source.
– Only, the vertices not marked as 1 in array visited[ ] should be considered for recalculation of distance. i.e. for each vertex v

Time Complexity

The program contains two nested loops each of which has a complexity of O(n). n is number of vertices. So the complexity of algorithm is O(n2).
Dijkstra Algorithm for Finding Shortest Path of a Graph

Program for Dijkstra’s Algorithm in C

C Program on Dijkstra Algorithm for Finding Minimum Distance of Vertices from a Given Source in a Graph

C Program on Dijkstra Algorithm for Finding Minimum Distance of Vertices from a Given Source in a Graph
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  1. Tyler

    You have a typo in step 2. The for loop should be (for i = 0; i < n; i++) visited[i] = 0; You have a "1" in the brackets so the for loop is pointless by initializing the second element over and over, n times.

  2. polarBear

    What would need to be changed in the algorithm if we have a rectangular matrix n*m? Because I have a maze of size n*m and I need to find shortest path from some spot in the maze to the exit. Any help with that?


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