Top 100 Android Apps 2014

Perhaps you, as the owner of an Android device, have heard all this talk about the latest Apple offering IOS 8 and a number of other developments outside your favorite operating system. Take my word that those are just passing glances, for here is a mind-blowing list of the top 100 Android Apps 2014 on Google Play Store that you may not have yet tried. Here, then, is a line or two for some of these applications.

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Top 100 Android Apps 2014

Hangouts: a free app for sending instant message and video chat to the Google community.

Viber: Free Messages & Calls: other than using a smart-phone, you can send SMSs via your desktop.

TextSecure: Private SMS/MMS: a free app that encrypts all messages out of sight from spies.

RedPhone: Secure Calls: an extension of Text Secure that encrypts your voice calls.

Wickr: a free service that encrypts your private messages and renders them non-existent to others.

Facebook: this Android application brings your favorite social network for chatting.

Circle of 6: a fee app that can send half-a-dozen messages in emergency situations.

Plume for Twitter: a free tool that enables you to change settings for sending Twitter messages.

Tumblr: a well known app for re-blogging, and sharing photos and other unique moments.

Avast! Mobile Security: a free application that manages your security, even your other apps, and batteries among others.

Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus: besides providing safety on your phone, this app also has a locking icon for other apps.

Lookout Security & Antivirus Premium: At three-dollars, this long-term app is an anti-malware tool.

LastPass Password Mgr Premium: retrieve and create fresh passwords across gadgets using this one-dollar app.

Mr. Number-Block Calls, texts: An uncharged application that keeps unwanted callers and message-senders out.

Orbot: Proxy with Tor: a free application that lets you into the Dark Web and helps you to retain
private browsing.

Hotspot Shield VPN for Android: a free app that encrypts all your personal info, including banking.

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Noom Weright Loss Coach: at $9.99 each month, this tool provides all-round fitness tips daily.

WebMD for Android: a free app that hints at what you may be suffering from medically.

Runtastic Pro: at $4.99, this fitness tool helps you to keep in touch with your running paths, using imbedded maps.

Zombies, Run!: available at $3.99, this tool brings horror into your exercise routine through voice-
overs that will definitely accelerate your activity.

SleepBot-Sleep Cycle Alarm: a free app that keeps a check on your senses when you are sound asleep.

Period Tracker Deluxe: for $1.99, as a woman, you can use this app for tracking your womb’s condition.

Calorie Counter-MyFitnessPal: a free application for getting on with exercise by counting calories.

Yelp: this application is a better gossip than your unreliable pals.

Seamless Food Delivery/Takeout: a free food-ordering service.

Pepperplate Recipe, Meu & Cooking planner: This free application enables you to get your cuisines and recipes easily.

Allthecooks Recipes: a free app that gives you an array of one-hundred-and-fifty recipes.

Untappd-Discover Beer: a free application where you can log any new brew you find.

iOnRoad Augmented Driving: a free app that uses machine intelligence to warn of near-collision situations.

Google Goggles: a free app that lets your Android camera shoot unknown-language photos, while Google translates them.

Field Trip: a free app that is great for start-up historians and other field trackers.

Google Maps: an free service that acts as your geo-locator.

Uber: you can use this free app to get the nearest cab of your choice to come for you.

Google Translate: a free application that enables you to converse with the locals.

Duolingo: a free app that also teaches you to get lessons on foreign tongues.

ShopAdvisor: a free app that shops with you, through analytical suggestions.

Groupon: a free app that seeks and finds the best deals for users in, say, restaurants.

Pinterest: a free app that lets you to pin your favorites on thematic banners.

Amazon: a free app into one of the net’s primary marketplaces.

Other Apps in Top 100 Android Apps 2014 List

Google Wallet, Foursquare, Comics, Flipboard, Google Play Newsstand, Umano, Pocket, ESPN ScoreCenter, Caliber Companion, OverDrive Media Console, Kindle, Stitcher Radio-News & Talk, viaProtect, Nova Launcher Prime, SwiftKey Keyboard, Swype Keyboard, Tasker, Netgear Wifi Analytics, SnapPea, ASTRO File Manager with Clouds, Usemon (CPU Usage Monitor), Dropbox, Firefox, Opera Browser for Android, Opera Mini Browser for Android, Dolphin Browser, Weather Underground, Wikipedia, Mint, Check, Rescue Time-Work Smart, OfficeSuite Pro, Quickoffice, SugarSync, eFax, Adobe Reader, Pushbullet, Google Drive, Evernote, To-do List & Task List, EasilyDo, Mailbox, Trello-Organize Anything, Asana, DEaDBeef Player, Bandcamp, Netflix, Spotify,Slacker Radio, OnLive, Hulu Plus, Songkick Concerts, Instagram, Pixlr Express, SnapSpeed, Vine Flickr, Writing Challenge, Flava/Note Journal, SketchBook Mobile Express, and Adobe Photoshop Express 2.0.

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