IOS vs Android – Difference and Comparison [Infographic]

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android both are very popular
mobile operating systems. It’s still a debate topic that which one is the best
Android or iOS?
In this article, iOS and Android are differentiated over
various perspectives.
Globally, around 1 billion units of smartphones have been
sold out of which android has 80% market share and iOS has a 15 % market share.
Thus, the global revenue generated by smartphones is approx. $265 billion.

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The reason behind the largest market share by android is
that it is also available at cheaper rates that make it popular in emerging
countries where per capita income is low. Out of 227 countries, Android has
leadership in 138 countries and iOS is popular in 38 countries which are
developed countries with high capita income.

IOS vs Android - Difference and Comparison [Infographic]

There are 1.4 million android apps, 85% of which are
available for free while out of around 1.3 million iOS apps only 25% apps are
free.  Apple’s iTunes charges $99 per
year and Play Store charges $25 per year to publish any app.
If we look at revenues and profits, iOS make more profit
than android apps. There are 67% shopping apps for iOS and 33% for android. iOS
users spend an average amount of $93.94 per order, while Android users spend
average amount $48.10 per order.
It is also considered that iOS users are more internet savvy
than Android users as share of web traffic comes more from iOS devices that is
62% than android devices that is 38%. It makes more employment in iPhone app
development as 60%, while 40% employment in android development.

Find more interesting facts regarding iOS and android in the
following infographic.

IOS vs Android Infographic

IOS vs Android

Image courtesy: Nine Hertz

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