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Checksum Program in C and C++

Here you will get checksum program in C and C++. A checksum is a error detection method in Data Communication. It is used for errors which may have been introduced during transmission or storage. It is usually applied to an installation file after it is received from the download server. The actual procedure which yields… Read More »

First Fit Algorithm in C and C++

Here you will learn about first fit algorithm in C and C++ with program examples. There are various memory management schemes in operating system like first fit, best fit and worst fit. In this section we will talk about first fit scheme. What is First Fit Memory Management Scheme? In this scheme we check the… Read More »

Best Fit Algorithm in C and C++

Here you will learn about best fit algorithm in C and C++ with program example. Memory Management is one of the services provided by OS which is needed for Optimized memory usage of the available memory in a Computer System. For this purpose OS uses 3 methods:- First Fit Best Fit Worst Fit In this… Read More »

Caesar Cipher in C and C++ [Encryption & Decryption]

Get program for caesar cipher in C and C++ for encryption and decryption. What is Caesar Cipher? It is one of the simplest encryption technique in which each character in plain text is replaced by a character some fixed number of positions down to it. For example, if key is 3 then we have to replace… Read More »

Optimal Page Replacement Algorithm in C

Here you will get program for optimal page replacement algorithm in C. Optimal page replacement algorithm says that if page fault occurs then that page should be removed that will not be used for maximum time in future. It is also known as clairvoyant replacement algorithm or Bélády’s optimal page replacement policy. Also Read: LRU Page Replacement Algorithm… Read More »

LRU Page Replacement Algorithm in C

Here you will get program for lru page replacement algorithm in C. Least Recently Used (LRU) page replacement algorithm works on the concept that the pages that are heavily used in previous instructions are likely to be used heavily in next instructions. And the page that are used very less are likely to be used… Read More »

Producer Consumer Problem in C

Here you will learn about producer consumer problem in C. Producer consumer problem is also known as bounded buffer problem. In this problem we have two processes, producer and consumer, who share a fixed size buffer. Producer work is to produce data or items and put in buffer. Consumer work is to remove data from… Read More »

Banker’s Algorithm in C

Here you will get program for banker’s algorithm in C. The banker’s algorithm  which is also known as avoidance algorithm is a deadlock detection algorithm. It was developed by Edsger Dijkstra. It is designed to check the safe state whenever a resource is requested. It takes analogy of bank, where customer request to withdraw cash.… Read More »

Round Robin Scheduling Program in C

In this tutorial you will learn about round robin scheduling program in C. Process scheduling is an important component for process management. In a multi-user and a time-sharing system, response time is one of the most important objective to be accomplished. There are many scheduling algorithms in C for process management such as: 1. First Come First… Read More »