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Difference between Static and Dynamic Websites

Here you will learn about difference between static and dynamic websites i.e static vs dynamic web pages. We know there are many types of websites, but on a basic scale they are divided into two kinds viz. static and dynamic websites. What are Static Websites? A static web page is a web page that is… Read More »

List of Eclipse Shortcut Keys

In this article I am providing a list of all eclipse shortcut keys. Eclipse is one of the most popular IDE used for Java development. Using shortcut keys while working on any software, our work become much easier and faster. Below I have shared eclipse shortcut keys list that will help developers to do their… Read More »

12 Most Resourceful Tools For Web Developers

Innovation and expertise at the latest tools have become two of the most prominent points of concern among web designers and developers. If you’re a creative individual, then you need a suitable instrument for being able to produce a web product that is beyond boundaries in terms of looks and functionality. Although you might be… Read More »

10 Awesome iOS Apps For Designers & Developers

Designers and developers rely heavily on the computer for their work. However, the work at times become burdensome and slight recreation is what they crave for. Wouldn’t it be great if the mobile apps not only offer them a respite, but also in the mean time help them make their work easy. iOS is very… Read More »

5 Best Mobile App Development Tools You Need To Know About

The pleasures of creating a mobile app are far known and abound. Today, there are a great number of tools available that allow developers to build cutting-edge mobile applications to cater the growing needs of their mobile audience. These tools are quite reliable to create some really advanced and bespoke apps in the quickest possible… Read More »

10 Best Code Editors for Designers and Developers

No matter how much techie you are from heart, there are times when you feel the need of some exceptionally reliable tools that improve your project’s work flow. With some relevant tools like code editors, webmasters can easily get the right amount of help, speed, and control, thus making them all the more efficient and… Read More »

4 Best Tips For iOS Application Development

There is no question of the popularity of iOS platform. In the Smartphone world, the iOS platform is the most admired mobile OS. However, it is ranked as the second best platform if their market shares are considered (as, Android possesses over 85% share whereas iOS exhibits around 12% market share). But, no one can… Read More »

Things to Know Before Hiring a Web Developer

A Web Developer essentially refers to a person who is responsible for building a website in such a fashion that visitors find it easy to navigate over the same. Though generally a web developer is confused with a web designer, there is quite a lot of difference between the two. Let us now have a… Read More »

Wearable Tech – Wearable Application Development Technology

Embracing the pleasant transition from desktop/laptop to smartphones, internet users have explored ample number of possibilities available with the mobile apps. With dozens of mobile app development technologies making their way to becoming the number one choice of app developers, Wearable Application Development is a technology that has just entered into the app development world.… Read More »

10+ Examples and Best Practices in Responsive Web Design

With more and more people surfing the internet via their smartphones, it has become mandatory for web designers and developers to figure out ways to cater websites to visitors coming from mobile devices. The ever-growing demand for mobile-friendly websites has given birth to responsive web design trend. If you too are all excited to know… Read More »

Why Are Custom Web Designs No Longer In Trend

There has been an overwhelming importance given to custom web designs off-late. Even if a company got its website developed by the de facto best web designers in town, eventually, they want the “custom” power in their hands. The ability to make changes on the fly, as and when they want, is what has driven… Read More »