The 5 Best Ways to Build Quality Backlinks for Your Website or Blog

The 5 Best Ways to Build Quality Backlinks for Your Website or Blog

No one can deny the fact that backlinks are vital for the success of your online
business – they will play a big role in determining your search engine
rankings. However, the thing you need to understand is that after the latest
Google updates, the quality of backlinks is more important than the quantity of
those links. It means, not only do you need some diversity in your link pool,
but you also need to ensure that those links come from high PR, authoritative

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Many people often make a mistake when judging the quality of backlinks.
Unfortunately, they are not like diamonds that you can rate considering
clarity, cut, color, and other features. Backlinks are different, and they
cannot be graded using any simple scale. Still, when you get a backlink from a
website, the search engines will rate them as okay, good, mildly good, or

As it is not easy to have one single definition of quality backlinks, you
have to find another way to make your link building campaign work effectively.
A better idea would be to ensure that you don’t go for bad backlinks. A
backlink that is not bad will be considered good for your link building
campaign, and here are a few ways to avoid bad links and fetch good links.

How to Build Quality Backlinks for Your Website or Blog

Take Full Advantage of Guest Posting

Writing guest posts on other blogs is a good way of getting quality links.
You need to ensure that you pick a blog that is relevant to your theme. It is
worth mentioning that the links from these blogs are considered good because
you will have your post approved by a human webmaster, which is something that
makes Google think that you know the topic well, and might have an informative
site too.

Remember, your guest posts will work if they hold some value for the blog
owner, and, at the same time, are relevant to your website/blog. Therefore, you
should try to tailor the content of your post to fulfill this requirement, and
it’s not that difficult too. For instance, if your blog is about leather care
and maintenance, you can easily write and publish that post on a blog that
sells leather jackets and shoes.

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Use Credible Article Marketing Websites

Even though the value of article marketing is no longer the same as it was a
few years ago – thanks to Google Panda and Penguin updates – you can still find
a few legitimate sites to publish your articles. You can use these sites to
post your article and have a link placed in the article that points back to
your blog. Quite like guest posting, you can again write articles on topics
that have some connection with your blog. Just make sure you pick a right
category on these article-marketing sites to submit your article.

Using these sites is a lot easier than getting your article published on
another blog, and that’s one of the reasons why guest posting holds more value
as compared to simple article marketing. Still, you can use these sites to
diversify your link pool. You can find a category according to the theme of
your blog and post as many articles as you can – though it’s a good idea to
stick with ‘one-article-a-week’ policy.

Add Your Links to Comments Sections

For this, you can pick blogs, article sites, and websites where they have a
comment section. You simply need to make a productive comment and embed your
link to your key phrase. This works quite well, but the only consideration is
that you’re going to get the link juice only if you opt for a comment section
that comes with “do-follow” tag. 
It may take some time to find it, but you will accomplish the task after
conducting some research.

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Get Links from Directories

This is still a good way of getting backlink, but the catch is to find a
legitimate and well-followed directory – this could well be a paid directory.
Although you can try some free directories like Google locations, you will be
better off making use of paid directories like Yelp.

Make Use of Forum Postings

Making posts in forums, with your link attached to your keyword, is still
effective. However, you don’t always need to make posts; you can simply
convince the forum administrator to place a link to your blog – it is
difficult, but not impossible.

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