Why PageRank of my Site is not Changing? Is there will be no PageRank Update before 2014?

If you are searching for the questions mentioned in the
above title then surely you are at the right place. As you are reading this
article so you’re definitely aware of, what Google PageRank is? But still I will
tell about Google PageRank in short (sorry for this).

What Google PageRank is?

PageRank is a criteria used by Google to rank websites in
the search engine results. It is calculated on the basis of the number of links
pointing to a website. It means that for getting good rank in search results
you must have high pagerank and for this you have to build quality backlinks.
The last page rank update was on 4 February, 2013. Normally
pagerank is updated after every 3 months. But this time 8 months are passed since
last pr update. Webmaster forums are flooded with pagerank update discussions
and questions. I have purchased domain for this blog 5 months ago, but still my
pr is NA (as there are no pr updates). I as well as other webmasters and
bloggers are eagerly waiting for next pr update. Let’s see what the reality of
next pr update is.
Matt Cutts, Google search spam head said on twitter that
Google is not going to update pagerank this year. Niels Bosch asked on twitter
that “will there be a PR update before 2014?” and in response to this Matt
Cutts said “I would be surprised if that happened.” You can see the snapshot of
original tweet below.
Why PageRank of my Site is not Changing? Is there will be no PageRank Update before 2014?
So, what this concludes? The above tweet clearly shows that
Google is not going to update its pagerank before 2014. It seems that now Google
is focusing more on its search algorithm updates rather than pr updates. Still
we have to wait to see any changes in our browser’s green bar.
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