How Will Google Hummingbird Change SEO

How Will Google Hummingbird Change SEO

Google officially announced its latest and greatest update in its algorithm since the Caffeine Update in 2010. The search algorithm is the system that the search engine machine uses in order to sort all the information it has out in order to provide you with an adequate response to your search. 

The new update is a clear indicator that Google makes quite confident attempts of becoming an integral part of our lives not only by providing us with the information we want but also offering us its intelligence which we have never imagined we needed. 

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Do you know what the Google Hummingbird Update really is?

Google Hummingbird greatly differ from its predecessors the Panda and the Penguin updates, which used to fighting with the duplicate content and the SPAM linking, this algorithm is fully focused on better assimilation of the queries in the search engine. If we have to put this in other words, the main goal of the Hummingbird update is to make Google act a bit closer to the normal and logical human thinking. 

What “new type” of search does the Hummingbird update facilitate?

The so-called “conversational search” is one of the best examples which Google has given about the “new type” of search. A more traditional search engine would probably focus on trying to find matches of the words written in the inquiry.

The Hummingbird algorithm, however, would rather focus on the beaning behind the words. It is more likely to find the actual meaning of your search, and knowing all these meanings could help Google go beyond from simply finding some pages matching your search words. 

If we have to be more specific, the Hummingbird update pays more attention to each word in a search query and the meaning hidden behind it, and by this ensuring you that the search engine takes your entire inquiry into account, and not only separate words. This can be easily explained with the perspective that the pages that match the meaning behind the entire sentence are better and more informative than the ones that match just a few words. 

Does this mean that SEO is dead?

Don’t worry. SEO is still not dying.

In fact, what Google is trying to say is that there is nothing new or different to worry about if you are in the SEO business. The rules of the game still remain the same: make sure you provide your customers with original, unique and high-quality content. If we have to say this in other way – everything that used to be important, is still on the schedule. The Hummingbird update just gives Google the opportunity to process the information in a new and hopefully, better way. 

Does this mean that my website will lose a part of its traffic?

Relax – if you haven’t noticed that your website has lost a part of its traffic, than you have managed to pass through the Hummingbird update unhurt. After all, the algorithm was released about a month ago, which basically means that you have had any problems with it, you would have known.

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Who will basically have a benefit from the new algorithm?

  • The business owners who have implemented some microdata in the code of their websites.
  • The websites that are present in Google+ Local and have a permanent location.
  • The highly-authoritative websites that have a top ten ranking in Long Tail keyword phrases.
  • The companies that are focused on internal Search Engine Optimization without using any SPAM and Keyword Staffing.
  • Users.

Who will undergo through some losses thanks to the Hummingbird update?

  • The companies that offer Search Engine Optimization services by one or two specific keywords and focus on their optimization without trying to accomplish comprehensive and authoritative results.
  • The low-quality optimizers.
  • The optimizers, who use some outdated SPAM techniques.
  • The people, who do not realize that the first position in Google is important, but this is not the only indicator that an experienced SEO expert monitors for.

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