Top 5 Sexiest Female Programmers in the World

Here is the list of top 5 sexiest female programmers in the world.

Earlier I use to think that females are not good at programming and males are dominating the programming world. But after doing research on the internet I realized that I was wrong. This is myth that females are not good programmer. How one can forget about the first female programmer Ada Lovelace? So I thought that I should prepare a list of top female programmers all over the world and share it with others. Below I am listing out the top 5 sexiest female programmers who are a great combination of beauty with brains.
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1. Jade Raymond

Jade Raymond completed her graduation from St. George’s School of Montreal and Marianopolis College. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from McGill University in 1998, where she majored in computer science. She started her career as a programmer for Sony. Jade is the producer of a famous game Assassin’s Creed. Currently she is working as a managing director of Ubisoft Publisher.

The Top 5 Sexiest Female Programmers in the World (Jade Raymond)

2. Sara Haider

Sara Haider is another sexy & famous female programmer. She completed her education from University of Waterloo. She worked for Google for a considerable amount of time. She was involved in the development of Vine app for android. Currently she is working as a software engineer at Twitter. 

The Top 5 Sexiest Female Programmers in the World (Sara Haider)

3. Corrine Yu

Probably Corrine Yu comes at first position in world’s female game programmers list. She is a professional programmer and coder too. She has given her contribution in development of various famous games like Brothers in arms, Borderlands, Zombie, Unreal Engine 3. She made a great contribution in developing Halo 4, which became very popular video game of year 2012. Apart from game programming she won national award in 2009 for Nuclear Physics research. 

The Top 5 Sexiest Female Programmers in the World (Corrine Yu)

4. Amanda Wixted

Amanda Wixted is known all over the world as one of the most effective and efficient mobile developers as well as a good game programmer. Amanda has given her contribution in the development of the popular game Farmville. Currently she is consulting and managing few companies and she started also a company Turf geography club.

The Top 5 Sexiest Female Programmers in the World (Amanda Wixted)

5. Tracy Chou

Tracy Chou holds Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering as well as Master’s degrees in Computer Science from the Stanford University. She worked for many big companies like Google, Facebook, Quora. Currently she is working as a software engineer for Pinterest. 

The Top 5 Sexiest Female Programmers in the World (Tracy Chou)

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12 thoughts on “Top 5 Sexiest Female Programmers in the World

  1. bellamy duttarer

    If these women are to be admired (and they are), why objectify them? You wouldn't write an article about the 5 sexiest male programmers, so why would you write this one about sexiest female programmers? Just food for thought.

    1. chromea

      What a load of crap. Being sexy is something to be glad of, but that aside, you can see the same approach applied to male programmers as well. Before you write a sexist, ignorant comment, please at least Google the facts.

      1. Ramon Leon

        > Being sexy is something to be glad of

        Being objectified and ranked by your looks, when you are a computer programmer, is sexist and insulting to women moron. The sexist ignorant comment here is yours. This article is shameful.

    2. Kingshuk Haldar

      That's probably because the compilation was done by someone who is either heterosexual male or homosexual female. You may try finding a homosexual male or a heterosexual female to get them to write the article which you're demanding. Good luck with that.

    3. Marta

      I would love to see article about top cutest programmers! I am studying programming now and I wish to be admired as the other ladies in the future. I think this post wanted to show that not all female in IT look like ogres.

  2. Lady Light Migullas

    I guess the author wants everybody to know that the world of programming is open to women too and to get away from the misconception that all programmers are "nerds" and are unfit to be called sexy. It's a sexy job for me though.

  3. Sraddhanjali Acharya

    There is no need to label sexiness to any female or men when we talk about their work. There is no such thing as beauty with brains, everyone is beautiful and with is a matter of how you judge and where your perspective lies. In fact, the measure of intelligence and beauty is quite a vague subject that you should not be commenting on it this way and dissing people, not just women, when you say "great combination of beauty with brains". Also, the number of articles that highlight achievements of women are few, and your article is going to count as one of those sexist article. Food for your thought, look beyond your usual perspective and social norms, you will understand what this comment is all about.

  4. Maciek

    First of all this post doesn’t objectifying or in other words dehumanizing and nowhere in this post is written that this girls are less than human.

    Second of all nobody writes code with their Genitals( I hope 😉 ) so we don’t really know if this are the sexiest female programmers ?

  5. Matris

    most of women who get upset when complimenting a girl with “sexist” are either fat or ugly. they get upset the fact that no one compliments them. there is nothing wrong with calling a girl “sexist”. some ignorant folks in here said it objectifies them , but actually it’s not. calling someone sexist doesn’t make them into an object.then calling someone smart might make them into an object too. the truth is most of ugly and fat women and lesbian women get upset when heterosexual male call another female sexist, because they hate the fact that good looking men don’t date them.

  6. Abcd

    I’m a woman, and this is a great article. The author is a heterosexual man, why is he supposed to write about sexy male programmers? 😀 These girls are clever and sexy, they can be proud of it! ( I know, my english is bad, im on it)


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