IT Cloning – How To Become A Billionaire

What is IT Cloning?

IT cloning is a concept of copying an idea that is running
successfully in an IT industry. Finding the loophole then launching by fixing
it will take IT business to new heights.

This concept is been used by many people around the world
and you can see it in daily life. Like Snapchat, Facebook launched its clone as
Bolt and similarly there are many other clone websites and apps running around
the world.

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The below info-graphic is designed on the same storyline
and it includes a real life success story of Samwer brother’s from Germany. Who
are now Billion dollar guys.

IT Cloning - How To Become A Billionaire (Samwer Brothers)

How Samwer Brothers Become Billionaires Using IT Cloning?

Samwer brothers are also known with name “Clone King”
because they have cloned more than 100 ideas and invested on many. Their start
was from Ebay in 1999 by selling Ebay Clone to Ebay at $50 Million.

You might have heard the song crazy frog in early 2000!!!
It was there Idea of cloning US business model for promotion then they sold
Jamba (Mobile Content firm) to Verisign in 2004 at $270 Million.

In 2007, all three brothers started a venture company named
“Rocket Internet” which has invested on more than 100 top notch IT Companies
and runs in 50 different countries.

After that, they invested on Youtube Clone, Facebook Clone,
and Twitter Clone and created Groupon Clone which was sold back to Groupon
in 2010 and many others till date.

Currently they are working on Airbnb Clone (Wimdu) for
which they have funding for $90 Million to compete Airbnb.

In 2011, Anti- Copycat evolution was
launched but still does not able to break IT cloning.

The below info-graphic is detailed study on the same,
please go through it and share if you like it.

IT Cloning - How To Become A Billionaire

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