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Difference between URI, URL and URN

Here you will learn about difference between URI, URL and URN. When it comes about accessing WebPages, data, files, audio, videos and other stuff, the foremost thing a programmer has to take care of is about URIs, URLs, and URNs. So what are they? What roles do they play on the World Wide Web i.e.… Read More »

Difference between Verification and Validation

Today we are going to cover the topic difference between Verification and Validation. These terms can be very prominent and are widely used with respect to the software development. These two words are independent to each other and are the mechanisms to check if the product or service that is meant to be delivered to… Read More »

7 Best Github Alternatives in 2019

Here you will get list of some best github alternatives that provide private and public repository. Being into software development we very often find ourselves in the need to host our code to any website. For the purpose, masses are blindly following one single medium for this, Github. It can not be denied that Github… Read More »

Difference between Testing and Debugging

Here you will learn about difference between testing and debugging. Testing is a process of finding bugs or errors in a software product that is done manually by tester or can be automated. Debugging is a process of fixing the bugs found in testing phase. Programmer or developer is responsible for debugging and it can’t… Read More »

Difference between Alpha and Beta Testing

Here you will learn about difference between alpha and beta testing. We might have come across these terms while studying or even at our work place, alpha test is the first phase of testing the software whereas the beta test is the second phase which is performed by real time users, let us know the… Read More »

How to Get Started with Virtual Reality (VR) Development?

Here, you’ll get to know about Virtual Reality and how you should step by step start developing a VR Application and keep your first foot in the VR Development aura. What is Virtual Reality? The term virtual reality is a combination of Virtual: ‘Near’, Reality: ‘That we experience daily’. This states that Virtual Reality takes… Read More »

5 Ways to Improve Your Website Security

Here you will know about some important website security tips. Owning a website is similar in a lot of ways to owning a brick-and-mortar store. It serves to promote and advertise your products and services, it’s a good place to look if customers would like to contact the owners, and, like any location that stores… Read More »