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How to add PHP to a WordPress Page or Post?

WordPress comes with an intuitive visual editor that covers all your basic needs for posting content. No coding is needed. However, when making custom pages or posts, you might need to add your own PHP code. How to add PHP to a WordPress page or post properly? Read on, I’ll present the easiest way to… Read More »

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Top Database Technologies for PHP Web Applications

Undoubtedly PHP is the most prominent platform for web development at the moment. Apart from websites, enterprise applications such as ERP, web based open source CRMs for SMEs and e-Commerce solutions are hugely prominent at the moment. There are a lot of people who believe that mySQL is the only database connecting with PHP while… Read More »

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Codelobster PHP Edition – Best IDE for PHP Development

PHP is one the most popular web programming language. To develop awesome sites in PHP we require great tools. An IDE make our work really easy and fast. If you just started PHP development then it may be difficult for you to choose a best PHP IDE. Codelobster PHP Edition is a free and best… Read More »

What is PHP’s MySQLnd and How It Performs Easy Read/Write Splitting?

MySQL is the most sought-after database server used with PHP. In fact, PHP web applications are connected to MySQL server by default. Although, some people also use other database servers like Oracle, SQL Server etc. for data storage, but for handling the web workload, MySQL is the most commonly used database. In the past –… Read More »

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PHP Ecommerce Development – All You Need to Know About

Many e-commerce sites feature searching, merchandising and selling of the products online. E-commerce site owners are able to enjoy the downpour of money and advertisements too. Sites are launched or developed by using PHP scripting language. With a click of a second, there are thousands of schemes and products available at just one stop. Customers… Read More »

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