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How to Choose Best Laptop for Programming in 2019?

This article will guide you to choose the best laptop for programming in 2019. As a programmer or developer it becomes really confusing to pick a best laptop from thousands of laptops available in the market. It becomes even more difficult for a person who is just starting programming. Below I have shared some key… Read More »

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5 Best C Books For Beginners

As a beginner in programming it can be difficult for you to choose the best C books to start your C programming journey. Selecting good book is very crucial part of learning. To make your task easier, in this article I have shared some best C books for beginners. These books are highly recommended for those… Read More »

MongoDB vs SQLite – Difference between MongoDB and SQLite

In this article, you will learn about difference between MongoDB and SQLite. MongoDB MongoDB first version was released in 2009. It is the most reliable database used with Node.JS application. Its structure of saving the data is different because it stores data in a document which is like JSON. It uses the most popular document… Read More »

Prerequisites For Machine Learning

Machine Learning has rightly become one of the most popular technologies around and according to Artificial Intelligence (AI) researchers, every single thing ranging from our food, to our jobs, to the software we write will be affected by it. And if you are a beginner looking to build a career in this field, it’s necessary… Read More »

Tree Traversal – Inorder, Preorder and Postorder

Here you will learn about tree traversal with program example. Tree is a subset of Graph data structure where the number of edges are exactly one less than the number of vertices (nodes). We can call any graph a tree if it does not have any cycle (closed loop). Tree traversal refers to the process… Read More »

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ICT.Social – A Social Network for IT Professionals

ICT.social is an international social platform for IT professionals to gather around and resolve programming queries by providing solutions. The platform hosts a large number of databases including online courses (free and paid versions) and articles related to programming and IT sector. The best part? ICT.social works as a social media platform for programmers making… Read More »

Python Check Variable Type – 3 Ways

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to check variable type in Python.  One of the features of Python is it uses Dynamic data type. It means we need not to specify which type of data the variable is going to hold. One time in our code a variable can hold integer later… Read More »