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How to Choose Best Laptop for Programming in 2018?

This article will guide you to choose the best laptop for programming in 2018. As a programmer or developer it becomes really confusing to pick a best laptop from thousands of laptops available in the market. It becomes even more difficult for a person who is just starting programming. Below I have shared some key… Read More »

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5 Best C Books For Beginners

As a beginner in programming it can be difficult for you to choose the best C books to start your C programming journey. Selecting good book is very crucial part of learning. To make your task easier, in this article I have shared some best C books for beginners. These books are highly recommended for those… Read More »

Android Studio Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows/Linux/Mac

Here you will get android studio keyboard shortcuts for windows, linux and mac os that I have taken from official android developers website. Knowing keyboard shortcuts makes our work little bit faster while using an application, specially when you are an android developer. 🙂 Below is the android studio cheat sheet that shows all useful… Read More »

Python = vs ==

Hello everyone, in this tutorial you’ll see what’s the difference between = and == in python. Most of new programmers get confused with them. Python = vs == = (assignment operator) Well, in simple words, ‘=’ is an assignment operator which is used to assign a value (on right side) to a variable (on left side). Example:… Read More »

Difference between Cookies and Cache

Here you will learn about difference between cookies and cache i.e. cookies vs cache. Both are downloaded to your computer but they have different purposes. Cookies are download to record your previous activities on a particular website. On other hand Cache are used to store the web-pages in memory so when user visits that webpage… Read More »

Introduction to Data Mining

Here you will get introduction to data mining. We are back again in front of you with another successive Machine Learning blogpost. So far we have covered many interrelated topics pertaining to ML and today we think should start with another such interdisciplinary subject Data Mining or more appropriately Knowledge Mining. We must tell you… Read More »

Python Matrix Multiplication

Here you will get program for python matrix multiplication. If we want to multiple two matrices then it should satisfy one condition. We need to check this condition while implementing code without ignoring. Amxn x Bpxq then n should be equal to p. Then only we can multiply matrices. Now we will see how to multiply… Read More »

Python Matrix Addition

Here you will get program for python matrix addition. In python “list” concept is there rather than arrays.  For implementing matrix we should take help of lists in python. Matrix can be represented as nested lists. Suppose if we want to implement 2×3 matrix then python syntax will look like this. Matrix=[[1,2,3],[4,5,6]]     #This is 2×3… Read More »