8 Best Keyboards for Programming in India 2024

For a lot of programmers, finding a decent keyboard will significantly boost their workflow environment. Here, in this article, you’ll find a list of best keyboards for programming and a strait-laced comparison between them.

The programmers typically spend their days’ planning, writing, and checking code in their machine. The keyboard is, therefore, one of the most critical instruments in their arsenal. The right keyboard for your necessity is not an easy task to find. This is why we are collecting the list of best programming keyboards.

It’s not just ambient RGB lighting or a cool minimum aesthetic you get by choosing an excellent keyboard for your typeface. Gamers who play the best computer games or content developers and professional programmers, all that matters for them are pace, reactivity, precision, and comfort.

What is that you need?

It would be best if you had a keyboard to ease your work. A keyboard that you can type without pressure during the day and program it quickly on your computer to reach the most frequent applications. A large keyboard can reduce the amount and usability of your cursor.

Also, a keyboard that has a comfortable plushy wrist brace, magnetically connected when you are working long hours, and having extra support for your hand. The keyboard that also has media functions for changing speed, listening, pause, or skipping songs. 

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Ultimately, a keyboard that helps you swift in your daily work!

Here are the best claviers in 2024, from the best game keyboards to the perfect ones for productivity and creation. And we have included a comparison table to make sure you get the best price available as well.

List of Best Keyboards for Programming

Redgear Blaze Semi-Mechanical Wired Gaming Keyboard

Redgear Blaze

The Redgear Blaze Semi-Mechanical wired Gaming keyboard comes with three colors backlit light, full aluminum body & Windows key lock for PC. The Blaze is designed especially for pro-gaming and programming. It was intended for both programmers and low or high DPI players, so the interface allows ample room to spread the mouse around. 

In addition, for each strain, the Ergonomic float caps give you the best space. The Blaze has perfectly positioned keycaps that provide precise results whenever you click.


  • 100M long-lasting switches for crisp response.
  • 3 Color mode for different gaming setup needs.
  • Windows key lock option to block pop-up in the game.
  • 19 keys anti-ghost for gamers and programmers
  • Floating keycaps with greater durability and high responsiveness

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Cosmic Byte CB-GK-10 Corona Wired Gaming Keyboard

Cosmic Byte best keyboards for programming

This keyboard comes with the wired USB interface, especially for programmers and players with 19 Anti-ghosting keys. The four levels of brightness adjustment make it convenient for users to work with peace of mind. The keyboard features different internet hotkeys and media hotkeys for easy access. 


  • Wired USB keyboard interface with Red Backlit and four levels of brightness adjustment.
  • 19 Anti-ghosting and scratch-resistant keys.
  • Key life with more than 10 million keystrokes.

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Zebronics Mechanical USB Wired Keyboard Max Plus


Max Plus is a robust 104-key USB mechanical keyboard with 12 additional multimedia keys. It has 7 LED modes and five LED levels of luminosity in multicolor LEDs. For all this gaming action, it is a heavy-duty keyboard weighing 1.27 kg.

The keyboard is sturdy and durable that gives the user a perfect tactile feel. The blue switches on this keyboard have a very detectable actuation point that helps programmers to code swiftly.


  • Full-size mechanical keyboard with 104 keys and 11 multimedia keys.
  • Backlit keyboard with 10 LED night modes and 5 brightness adjustments levels.
  • Double injection keycaps for a longer lifespan and a higher number of keystrokes.
  • High-quality USB connector coupled with strong braided cable.

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TVS Gold Bharat Gold USB Keyboard


TVS Gold Bharat programming keyboard comes with an array of 104 mechanical keys with long life switches. The keyboard also houses nine (9) vernacular languages to choose from, and also, an additional feature to select the interface – USB/PS2. Besides, the sculpted keypad gives the touch feeling with each click. 


  • Guaranteed 50 Million plus strokes per key
  • Highly reliable, with more than 200,000 Hrs MTBF
  • An everlasting presence with Laser Etched Characters on Keycaps
  • The option of working in two languages
  • Fitted with mechanical switches for long life
  • The keyboards are all enabled with the Rupee symbols

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Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-k USB Gaming Keyboard

Zebronics-zeb best keyboards for programming

The Zeb-Transformer-k is a USB gaming keyboard with a multicolor LED effect. It has integrated media control, Laser keycaps, and an aluminum body. It also has a braided cable, high-quality USB connector, and backlight LED On/Off function. The keyboard comes with the interface of USB and a power requirement of DC 5V, <200mA. Moreover, it has a button stokes life of 80 million times.


  • Integrated Media control keys and multicolor LED with 4 modes – 3 Light Mode & 1 off Mode
  • Windows Key Enable/Disable Function and all Keys Enable/Disable Function
  • 2-Step Stand, Laser Keycaps, Aluminum Body, Backlight LED ON/OFF function
  • Gold Plated USB, Braided Cable, modern design, and less power consumption.

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HyperX Alloy RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Hyper x Alloy

The HyperX Alloy FPS RGB is a splendid, high-performance keyboard to ensure your skills and style are fully displayed. The robust stainless steel frame makes your keyboard stable as you pull the key to function, detect errors, or swap program scripts. 

The Alloy FPS RGB is designed for space-contracted setups, so you can maneuver easily without increasing your sensitivity to your mouse. It is also provided with a convenient USB load port and a braided, wear-resistant cable that makes portability easier.


  • RGB backlit keys with radiant lighting effects and a durable solid steel frame
  • Advanced customization with HyperX NGENUITY software and onboard memory for three profiles
  • Compact, ultra-portable design with detachable cable and convenient USB charge port
  • Kailh Silver Speed mechanical key switches
  • Game Mode, 100% Anti-ghosting, and N-Key Rollover functionalities

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Logitech G Prodigy G213 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G Prodigy best keyboards for programming

The Logitech Prodigy series offers advanced gaming-grade performance. Besides, for programmers, each keypress from fingers to screen is nearly instantaneous. It also accommodates the customization of five individual lighting zones with a range of over 16.8 million colors. Logitech Gaming Software can even synchronize lighting effects with other Logitech G devices for a real match system.

Logitech G Prodigy allows users to work more quickly than with a standard keyboard thanks to high-performance keys, which combine the best touch and programming performance.


  • 4x faster gaming-grade performance than standard keyboards
  • Crisp and brilliant RGB lighting with 16.8 Million color options
  • Spill-resistant and highly durable to handle sudden accidents
  • Dedicated media controls to play, pause, skip and adjust in one go
  • Programmable function keys for custom commands and integrated palm rest and adjustable feet

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HyperX Alloy HX-KB5ME2-US Core RGB Membrane Gaming Keyboard

HyperX HX

The HyperX Alloy Core RGB is ideal for hardcore programmers and gamers looking to improve their keyboards’ style and performance without spending much money. The Alloy Core RGB is elegant, beautiful, and reliable, making it a sweeping tech keyboard for programmers.

The Alloy Core RGB is designed to provide stability and reliability for players and programmers who want a keyboard that will last with an enduring, strengthened plastic framework. In addition, the keyboard lock allows you to lock the keyboard without setting your whole system up.


  • Signature light Bar and dynamic RGB lighting effects
  • 5 Zones multicolor customization option
  • Quiet and responsive keys with anti-ghosting
  • Durable solid frame with spill resistance
  • Spill-resistant and dedicated media controls
  • Quick access buttons for brightness, lighting modes, and game mode
  • Keyboard lock mode and flexible braided cable

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Comparison Table

Comparison Table


This was the complete list of best keyboards for programming that we think are currently the best in the Indian market. However, many other keyboards can also be included, but we have picked these best keyboards for this article.

As a matter of fact, it depends on the users’ choice and preference for what they find best in their hands. And this list of best programming keyboards will help you to compare and come to a final consensus.

Cheers to programming life!

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