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Flexible Deterministic Packet Marking (FDPM) Java Project

This Java project depicts IP Traceback System called Flexible Deterministic Packet Marking (FDPM) that provides a defense mechanism to find out the real sources of attacking packets that traverse through the computer networks. The enabling technology that helps to control internet criminal activities in Internet Protocol (IP) Traceback. There are numerous Traceback algorithms and softwares.… Read More »

C# Analog Clock Program

In this tutorial we are going to use a bit of graphics class to design a C# analog clock. We have also used a timer to continuously move our clock’s pointer.                                       Concept We will first initialize… Read More »

Make Analog Clock in C Using Graphics

In this tutorial you will learn how you can create an analog clock in C using graphics. This tutorial is written in a way that a beginner C graphics programmer can also understand. Before getting into the main let me explain the functions I have used in the program. Also Read: C/C++ Program to Create a… Read More »

Point of Sale System Project in VB.Net

Basically point of sale system or POS is a computer system that record financial transactions. The POS System is made using visual basic that handles sales by keeping records of products like item name, buy price, sell price, profit, etc. It generates bill/receipts and make it available to print it. Also Read: Lab Login System Mini… Read More »

Lab Login System Mini Project in VB.Net

Lab Login System is similar as Cyber Cafe Security System. As it provide all security features required in a computer laboratory. This Software is used to keep the records of all the students of what timing they logged in the computer and when did they logged out. Also Read: How to Make a Tic Tac Toe… Read More »