Point of Sale System Project in VB.Net

Basically point of sale system or POS is a computer system
that record financial transactions. The POS System is made using visual basic
that handles sales by keeping records of products like item name, buy price, sell price, profit, etc. It generates bill/receipts and make it available to print

Details of Point of Sale System Project in VB.Net

  • Add an item
  • Updates an item
  • Removes an Item
  • Add items to Receipt
  • Generate Total Amount
  • Print Receipts
  • Generates Report
  • Adjust Receipts settings (width, height)
  • Adjust Printer settings

Programming Language used : VB.Net

Visual Studio Version : 2012
NetframeVersion : 2.0
Back End (Database): MS Access 2010

Download Project: http://sh.st/gc1Pk
RAR Password: dadhackers.blogspot.com

25 thoughts on “Point of Sale System Project in VB.Net”

  1. hey hi can i get here customer loyalty point system and card generate option if not den how can i implement in this please share idea to me i am very new in vb.

  2. I have tried all of yours download link but everytime I am getting below mention error

    Error 1 Type ‘Microsoft.VisualBasic.PowerPacks.Printing.PrintForm’ is not defined. C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\Point of Sale System\POS Automated\MainWindow.Designer.vb 102 29 POS Automated

  3. Such an informative post for using point of sale system in vb-net, It will be very helpful for everyone. Keep giving updates.

  4. Hello
    I have a project of programming a POS in VB.net or C#
    I would like to contact you to discuss whether you can make me this type of program

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