C++ Program to Create Facebook Login Screen

C++ program to create Facebook Login screen

Actually this program doesn’t creates a facebook login screen. I have just used graphics to create two boxes with an option to enter username and password. This is program is to just give you an idea that how you can create a login screen for your project.


void logo()
int gdriver=DETECT,gmode;


void main()
char u[20],p[20];
cout<<“Facebook Login”;



cout<<“(Press enter after entering)”;

cout<<“(8 characters only)”;



for(int i=0;i<8;++i)
    printf(“b b”);

cout<<“Plz wait Redirecting”;
for(int j=0;j<8;++j)

33 thoughts on “C++ Program to Create Facebook Login Screen”

    1. Sir! i saw Ur FB login page programmin but I got a problem in the password box when u type backspace it prints * .It should erase a letter but it is not doing that in place of that it taking Backspace as a character
      plz tell me a way to fix it plz

      1. Hello Devendra,

        Thanks for telling me about the problem. Now I have fixed it, please check it again and let me know it is working fine or not.

    1. Due to some personal reason i am unable to post program for some days. But i will soon post the project. You can also find the project by searching on google.

    1. Hello Noor
      Actually this program doesn't creates a facebook login screen. I have just used graphics to create two boxes with an option to enter username and password.

  1. hi guys need your help in c++ wanna write a program on graphical user authentication "undercover graphical password" no one can loggin pry.

  2. Sir…Many of ur programs don't run in my compiler(CodeBlocks) and show errors….Can u suggest a compiler that will run all ur programs….

    Also…i want to ask what's problem with CodeBlocks…… I mean why some of the compilers can run almost all the programs while some the compilers cannot do so…..???

    1. Actually the above program and many other graphic programs on this blog uses graphics.h header file which works on older compiler like turbo c++. CodeBlocks is an ide which uses modern compiler like gcc and graphics.h does not work in it.

  3. The Graphics library is not included in most of the latest c++ ides, compilers and environments. You can search online and download it

  4. Sir,
    your program does’nt run as it should because it is showing three rectangles in the graphics screen and text inside them
    for which cout<<; was used is written on the another window
    I am using codeblocks
    and i am looking for a login screen like in the above pic. for my project.
    if you can solve my problem i would be a great help for me.
    Thank you

    1. Sorry this program will not work in codeblocks. It will work only in turbo c++ because the programs uses graphics.h header file which is not supported in modern compilers.

  5. initgraph(&gdriver,&gmode,”c:\tc\bgi”);
    it doesn,t work on my compiler after adding the library
    what should I do?

  6. Sir, It’s every old piece of code. So I just expect that you are better in c++. May you answer one question, I want to have student class or generic user class. Want to implement simple login logic. I really concern how it should be designed in OOP. Do I need login class or should I make method login in the student class. How would you do that? What’s the best practice?

  7. getting error on this line:- “p[i]=’’;” ” cannot convert ‘char * to ‘char’ ”
    what to do now sir?? I’m using turbo c++

  8. getting error on (p[i]=”) i.e “character constant must be one or two characters long”
    I’m using turbo C++ compiler
    Help me please

  9. hey programmers, am new here I have been asked to write a program in C++ for a login screen for my school that restricts students from login by use of passwords, here the student z supposed to type in the computer number and password to login but am stack, am kindly asking for your source codes please because I don’t have any and don’t have an idea. am using Dev- C++ 5.11 compiler thanks in advance

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