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Spyse – Cybersecurity Search Engine for Quick Recon

Spyse is a relatively new service in cybersecurity, but their innovative approaches have gained the attention of many pentesters and cybersecurity specialists. The service itself is a cybersecurity search engine which can be used for gathering mass technical data from the internet. The special thing about Spyse, is that they have one of the largest… Read More »

2Captcha – Human-Powered Image and CAPTCHA Recognition Service

With due technical advancement and increasing demand of software for various tasks (of our individual, personal as well as commercial needs), the authenticity of using these software has become as crucial as they themselves are. Captchas are one of the most commonly used methods for maintaining the authenticity of these software platforms.  Often, we face… Read More » – Gamified Online Course to Learn Java

In this article, we’ll review the benefits and perspectives of learning Java and probably the best way to master programming in it – through gamified education. Why Java is a smart choice for starting a career in programming? Skeptics say, that this language is too old, and will become rudimental in no longer than 20… Read More »

Online JSON Tools Review

If you’re a savvy web developer, you have definitely searched on Google for tools like “url decode json” or “convert json to text”. And what do you usually get? You get garbage websites filled with ads, popups, blinking download buttons and tools that don’t really work. The same problem was faced by Peter K. Rumins… Read More »

Wondershare DVD Creator Review

Ever since we got introduced to the era of DVDs, creating, burning and working on them on a platform basis has been a professional’s task. If we need to perform any operations concerning DVDs, we need to contact a person who is an ace in this field and has practiced this on many DVDs before.… Read More »

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

Working on videos isn’t always as easy as making them. Editing, converting, recreating and enhancing the videos might be a very essential task of our day to day activities but it is not always the easier one. It sounds good to have a video edited within the spur of a moment, but in reality it… Read More »

How to Find Best Free Data Recovery Solution for Windows

Imagine working hard on a project file for days and one day waking up with not even a single piece of data of the precious project. Or imagine an even worse scenario, going on a trip to Bahamas, capturing the unforgettable moments into your camera, returning home, connecting the camera to your respective PC and… Read More »