Django Tutorial for Beginners

Here you will find step by step django tutorials that will help beginners to learn django framework. Before learning make sure you are already familiar with python language.

Introduction to Django

What is Django?

It is a free and open source framework written in python language. Django framework is used to develop web based applications. It was initially released on 21 july, 2005.

  1. Introduction to Django
  2. How to Install Django on Windows/Linux/Mac
  3. Creating First Django Project
  4. Django Project Tour
  5. Django Custom Webpage
  6. How to Add HTML Template
  7. How to Fetch Data from Template Forms to Views
  8. Working with Virtual Environment
  9. Working with Apps in Django
  10. Working with Models
  11. Admin Interface
  12. PostgreSQL Installation and Setup
  13. Getting Data from PostgreSQL and Showing it to Template

More tutorials coming soon!!