Flexible Deterministic Packet Marking (FDPM) Java Project

This Java project depicts IP Traceback System called Flexible Deterministic Packet Marking (FDPM) that provides a defense mechanism to find out the real sources of attacking packets that traverse through the computer networks. The enabling technology that helps to control internet criminal activities in Internet Protocol (IP) Traceback.

There are numerous Traceback algorithms and softwares. However, this system provides innovative features to track the source of IP packets and thus achieves better tracing than others. This system changes its marking rate according to the cluster of the participating router by a flexible flow-based marking scheme. Also, it takes support of a flexible mark length strategy to make it compatible to different network environments.

Evaluations on both simulation and real system implementation ensures that this system needs a comparatively small number of packets to accomplish the traceback process. If you add a little additional cluster to routers then you can can trace a large number of sources in one traceback process with comparatively low false positive rates.

The overload prevention mechanism that has embedded into this system helps to achieve a satisfactory traceback result even when the router is heavily loaded.

The idea of this traceback system comes from DDoS defense mechanism. It has been used to trace DDoS attacking packets and also to enhance filtering attacking traffic. This system has a wide array of applications for other security systems.


The Characteristics of FDPM are in its flexibility:

1. The inclusion of flexible mark length strategy ensures that this system can adjust the length of marking fields according to the network protocols that are deployed.

2. The inclusion of flexible flow-based marking mechanism helps to change the marking rate according to the load of the participating router.


Flexible Deterministic Packet Marking (FDPM) Java Project


Hardware Interfaces

Processor : Pentium IV onwards with GHz or higher
RAM: 512 MB DD
Hard Disk : 20 GB


Software Interfaces

Netbeans Version: Version 5.5
JDK Version Number: Version 1.5, JFrameBuilder.
Database Tool : MS-Access.


Communication Interfaces

Simulated communication interface is provided which include the media for
communication between two users on:-

1. LAN
2. Internet


Hacker Window

Hacker Window


Sender Window

Sender Window


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