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How a Real-Time Chat Application Works

For a long time, exchanging information between two people in different locations has always been central to support relationships in social and business environments. Exchange of information between parties is itself a business on its kind, and the faster the speed to relay information, the higher the efficiency of that communication method. Methods of communication… Read More »

It’s Human Transformation, Not Digital Transformation

When asked about the defining process of the last decade, a lot of people would be tempted to answer with digital transformation. It’s understandable. The rise of mobile devices, cloud-based services, data science, artificial intelligence, and other digital technologies has had a massive impact on practically all human activities. Under that light, it’s hard to… Read More »

Blue Eyes Technology

We are living in a world where we cannot imagine the next possibilities revolving around us. In ancient times, people would have never imagined a world where everything stays on technology. Believe it or not, if just for one day we are not able to access the internet, we usually get frustrated and start overthinking… Read More »

Difference between Geek and Nerd

Here you will learn about Difference between Geek and Nerd. It is common for people to think that a geek and a nerd are the same things. In fact, anyone would be forgiven to think so. Most think that these are smart, extraordinary people who wear large glasses and are obsessed with computer science and related… Read More »

Top 10 IT Companies in India 2016

Here you will get list of top 10 IT companies in India in the year 2016. In last few years the Indian IT industry has shown a tremendous growth. If we consider top IT countries in world then India comes at second position. This shows that there is huge number of opportunities for those who… Read More »

Wearable Tech – Wearable Application Development Technology

Embracing the pleasant transition from desktop/laptop to smartphones, internet users have explored ample number of possibilities available with the mobile apps. With dozens of mobile app development technologies making their way to becoming the number one choice of app developers, Wearable Application Development is a technology that has just entered into the app development world.… Read More »

Green IT: When Computers Become Eco-Friendly

Believe it or not, there are a lot of sides to Green IT. This is mainly because there are lots of sides to computing and IT in general. This article is not a massive essay and so cannot cover all the elements of green IT, but it covers a few of them.  Also Read: The 5… Read More »

The 5 biggest tech myths prevailing among common man

There are so many misunderstandings among common man about technology. If these misunderstandings are removed then it may help us to became more techno friendly. Some people think that computer monitor causes cancer. While some other think that there email account is password protected and it can not be hacked. But most of these things are… Read More »