Difference between Geek and Nerd

Here you will learn about Difference between Geek and Nerd.

It is common for people to think that a geek and a nerd are the same things. In fact, anyone would be forgiven to think so. Most think that these are smart, extraordinary people who wear large glasses and are obsessed with computer science and related matters. However, both categories are far more than that. To avoid confusion when you meet one during your efforts to get an affordable search engine optimization company, then this publication will highlight what it is that makes these two kinds of people different. It is a very interesting topic you do not want to miss.

Difference between Geek and Nerd

Who is a Geek?

According to various descriptions from popular dictionaries, they all lead to the understanding that a geek is a person with increased interest in some discipline or hobby that they pursue by all means. As much as the history of the terminology is vague, it is good to understand that it is slang. In most cases, geeks are associated with science and mathematics disciplines, although others pursue different interests like engineering and much more. According to a survey, geeks spend their free time, and sometimes all their time, doing what they love.

According to history, a geek was someone who performed some weird things in circus events. They were considered to be extraordinary in what they did. Fast forward to today, the same connotes someone with a deep obsession with something.

Who is a Nerd?

It is said that geeks feel offended when people call them nerds! So, is it really a bad thing to be a nerd? Let us have a close look at what to be a nerd means. Putting it plainly, this is a geek without a social life. They are intellectuals who have an obsession with certain areas, specifically mathematics and science, and spend all their time it doing without sparing any time for a social life.

According to some research, people do not plan or decide to be nerds but it just happens, and the character overwhelms them. They have little control over it, and all they want is to stay behind locked doors and do what they love. The research also says that they feel good doing it and the urge to know and explore more drives them further.

So now that people are fond of using the two terms interchangeably in the wrong way, let us look at the main difference between the two:

Difference between Geek and Nerd

Sr. No Geek Nerd
1 Geeks have particular interests that drive them and take precedence in their lives in a way people can identify. They pursue their interests and can do anything to achieve them. Nerds are obsessed with intellectual interests that they spend most of their time studying and trying to understand more about. In most cases, these interests are based on science and mathematics, which forces them to look for all related study material including tutorials and movies like Star Trek.
2 They always want their clothes and how they dress to reflect who they are. As a matter of fact, it is possible to tell what a geek does by the type of attire they wear. For instance, one obsessed with cars will not shy off from being in overalls most of the time. It is also common to see them in jeans, cartoon graphic T-shirts or any other clothing that shows their interest. These people have a problem with how they dress up. The first look will tell you that they are a challenge and some lack of interest in their clothes. Popularly, you will find them in oversize slacks and button down tops. Most of them also end up wearing huge prescription glasses and keep the beard, not as for fashion but because they do not have time to shave.
3 While geeks are still affected by how they respond to social life, they seem to be more social as they have friends and attend social gatherings. However, it is easy to tell that socializing effectively is a challenge for them. They also seem to go wrong with most people since all they discuss are their own interests or subjects related to their interests. Nerds are completely out of social life. In most cases, these are introverts who not only find it hard to interact with friends but also hide behind the doors of their rooms doing what they like. They would rather read a tutorial as they catch a snack instead of having a meal with their friends over a social chat. It is also common for them not to have a social media account


With the above differences between a geek and a nerd, people can now clearly understand and differentiate the two. They are both parts of society, and they play important roles in coming up with great ideas, whether in science, mathematics, or any other discipline, for that matter.

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  1. Ha ha!! This is a good comparison.
    After reading this article, I tend to meticulously look into the clothing and appearance of the Geek Sqauds and doubt, are they really Geeks or Nerds.. 😀


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