The 5 Biggest Tech Myths Prevailing Among Common Man

There are so many misunderstandings among common man about technology. If these misunderstandings are removed then it may help us to became more techno friendly. Some people think that computer monitor causes cancer.

While some other think that there email account is password protected and it can not be hacked. But most of these things are false in techno world. In this post I am going to tell you reality of some of these tech myths.

The 5 biggest tech myths prevailing among common man

Working on computer for long time causes cancer

It is just a false belief that working on computer for a long time causes cancer. Computer monitor’s radiation is so much weak that it can not cause any harm to us. The ultra violet radiation emitted by computer monitor is weaker than radiation of tube light.

Magnet placed near a computer or CD causes bad effect

It is another false belief that if we place a magnet near the hard drive or laptop than it will cause bad effect on it. Magnetic material is not used in manufacturing of these things. This belief is also false for memory card and CD.


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Stop USB device before unplugging it

If you want to unplug a USB device than it is not necessary to stop it every time. This thing is said only because while reading or writing we should not remove the USB device. If we do so than it may be possible that the files will be corrupted or USB device will be damaged. But if USB device is ot in use than you can remove it without doing the process of safely remove hardware.


Wrong belief related to computer power off

Some people believe that if we power off the computer without doing shutdown process than it will damage the computer. But this belief is absolutely wrong because if we switch off the computer suddenly then only the work we are doing on it will not be saved and everything will go in vain. Or sometimes it may be possible that some of your system files will be corrupted.

Everything is removed after deleting

Files are not deleted completely after doing recycle bin empty. Windows shows that area of disk as blank but actually data is not deleted. There are so many data recovery tools available on the internet which can be used to recover your deleted data. The recovery process  can be done till that area of the disk is not overwrite.These are some tech misconceptions among the common people. I hope that when they will read this article they will be aware of reality.

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