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C++ Object Slicing with Example

In this tutorial, we are going to see how object slicing in C++. Before diving into the topic let us revise two simple concepts of object oriented programming. Inheritance Polymorphism Inheritance is said to be an IS-A relationship. For e.g. Here Tiger class will inherit all the properties of the animal class and will add… Read More »

Difference between Programming Language and Scripting Language

A programming language is a language used to write set of instructions to perform a task or to get an output from it, whereas Scripting language have comparatively small set of instructions which is used to produce different kinds of outputs which can be combined to some other program to perform a task. Scripting languages… Read More »

Sparse Matrix in C

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about the sparse matrix in C.  Before we start let us first discuss what a little bit about two-dimensional arrays. A matrix is represented by 2D arrays where the first index represents the number of rows and the second index represents the number of columns in the… Read More »

Where to Get Help with Programming Assignments?

Learning computer programming means you need to gather knowledge on various activities, such as decoding and encoding, integrating algorithms, and formulating and analyzing the algorithms according to their respective computer languages. Usually, IT enthusiasts start learning computer languages from a young age. However, they need regular practice and timely guidance to make sure they understand… Read More »

It’s Human Transformation, Not Digital Transformation

When asked about the defining process of the last decade, a lot of people would be tempted to answer with digital transformation. It’s understandable. The rise of mobile devices, cloud-based services, data science, artificial intelligence, and other digital technologies has had a massive impact on practically all human activities. Under that light, it’s hard to… Read More »

Python Read File Into List

In this tutorial we are going to see how we can read a file and store the content of the file into a python list. While working with python many a times data is stored into text files or csv files and to use that data into our code it must be brought to the… Read More »

Why Are There So Few Women in Computer Science?

It is widely accepted that women play a key role in our lives. Women are mothers and the modern female entrepreneur is ubiquitous, however women have made vast contributions to the IT field and yet are still underrepresented. Women developed some of the most significant elements making IT into what it is today. The contribution… Read More »