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Python Web Scraping Tutorial

In this tutorial, we are going to talk about web scraping using python. Firstly, we have to discuss about what is web scraping technique? Whenever we need the data (it can be text, images, links and videos) from web to our database. Lets discuss where we should need the web scraping in real world. Nowadays,… Read More »

Tips for Secure Programming and Coding

While security has always been a concern for individuals and companies online, today this is more true now than ever. Hacks and data breaches are skyrocketing and hundreds of millions of people are being compromised every year. While this happens to big businesses, it can also happen to small entities or even individuals as well.… Read More »

Programming Languages for Students

You do not have to enroll for a Computer Science degree to start doing some programming or coding. As a student, you can learn some programming languages that can help you achieve your dreams while still in school. Students can also make pocket money from coding. In this post, we will talk about the different… Read More »

Types of Operating System

An operating system is the basic mechanism behind the working of the computer systems and mobile devices and so, understanding the operating system becomes very important from a user’s perspective. The various types of Operating systems are as follows: Types of Operating System 1. Batch Operating System As, is very clear from the name itself,… Read More »

Django Blog Tutorial – Make A Simple Blog

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss about how to make a simple Blog in Django 2. Our blog will have TITLE, PICTURE, DESCRIPTION (Body), DATE.  There will be two pages, one for showing all the blogs at one place with less information and the second one to show each blog in detail. Prerequisite Django 2.0 or… Read More »