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Android Deep Linking Example

In this tutorial you will learn about android deep linking with an example. In deep linking first we have to understand what does an URI means. Let us consider an example of URI, Here, https is a scheme is a host /demo is a path, directing the specific resource ?userid=100&client=android is a query… Read More »

Android RSS Reader Tutorial

In this android rss reader tutorial we will see how to make demo app that can read rss of a website or blog. So without wasting much time lets begin. Typically the rss feed of a website or blog look something like shown below. The data we get is in xml format. Here channel tag… Read More »

Android Studio Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows/Linux/Mac

Here you will get android studio keyboard shortcuts for windows, linux and mac os that I have taken from official android developers website. Knowing keyboard shortcuts makes our work little bit faster while using an application, specially when you are an android developer. 🙂 Below is the android studio cheat sheet that shows all useful… Read More »

Android Navigation Drawer Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn about android navigation drawer. There are so little possibilities when it comes to choosing the main menu of an android application. If we start enlisting, we have TabLayout (used by the very famous WhatsApp), Bottom navigation drawer (used again by a facebook product Instagram) and then we have the… Read More »

Fresco Android Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to use fresco android image library. Fresco is an image library created by Facebook developers that can be used to display image from internet or local storage. Many popular android apps like facebook, twitter, wikipedia, 9gag, etc uses this library. If you want to create an app that… Read More »

Android Google Analytics Integration Tutorial

This tutorial is about google analytics android integration. Google Analytics will help you to track how many people are using your app, real time users, etc. The tutorial is divided into three parts, first create an account in Google Analytics, then generate configuration file and finally implement google analytics in your app. Android Google Analytics… Read More »