How to Convert Website to Android App Using Android Studio

In this tutorial you will learn how to convert website to android app using Android Studio.

Before reading this tutorial I hope that you already have basic knowledge of Android App Development. Otherwise you won’t be able to understand anything.

What I will do here is simply open the website in webview with a loading bar so that it will look like we are using an android app.

By using this method you can convert website or wordpress blog into android application. You can follow this link to see an example app that I have created using this process.

Note: Make sure the website for which you want to create app is responsive, otherwise the app will not look proper.

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How to Convert Website to Android App Using Android Studio

How to Convert Website to Android App

Create an android studio project with the website name.

Add internet access permission to AndroidManifest.xml file.

Add following code in activity_main.xml file. Here I have added a horizontal progress bar with a webview.


Create an xml file inside drawable folder and add following code in it. It is a custom background for progress bar. You can change the color by changing color code in res/values/color.xml file.


Add following code in file. The code is self explanatory, I have added comments where ever required.

Finally save and run the project. Below is a screenshot how the app will look like.

How to Convert Website to Android App Using Android Studio (Screenshot)

Comment below if you have queries related to above tutorial for how to convert website to android application.

13 thoughts on “How to Convert Website to Android App Using Android Studio

    1. Admin Post author

      Yes it works with any type of blog or site, it just need be responsive and mobile friendly.

  1. Neeraj Jangra

    it worked correctly…..
    but i want to open an application from a link on the website.
    like a facebook page or a link of youtube channel…
    please tell me how can i do this…?

  2. Mohammed

    Hi, Great tutorial. I replaced website. App loads website. But clicking on browse photos option has no response. Is there any additional webview settings i need to enable. Kindly can you help me on this. Thanks

  3. Shahid Javed

    When I run this app on my phone by copying the apk, it always gives the error “App has stopped working”

  4. Shubham Thakur

    So will it display adsense ads from blog and admob from app? if we add admob to it.


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