Simple Notepad App Android Example

In this tutorial I have shared a very simple notepad app android example. I have used file handling to read and write data. The notepad consists of three options to create new file, save and open a file. When you click on save or open button an alert dialog opens where you have to enter the file name. Internal memory is used to save the text file. At the end I have shared a link to download the apk for this example so that you can directly install and run it in your phone.


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Simple Notepad App Android Example

Simple Notepad App Android Example 1

Simple Notepad App Android Example 2

It contains the actual source code responsible for all the working.



This xml file contains the code for the design of notepad app.


– Download Notepad App Apk –


If you have any doubts regarding above notepad android example then comment below.

6 thoughts on “Simple Notepad App Android Example

  1. navjot

    great its work in my android studio emulator but its wasn’t work in my real device!

  2. vaibhav jain

    How to show all files which is save earlier at click on open button ..???

  3. LOG

    I want to open up the file I saved with utf-8.
    I use swedish language with letters å, ä and ö.
    Do anyone know some way to solve that.
    Very good example and explaining!

  4. Kingsley

    Good Good. Pls I like u to help me in programming becos I want to no it very well


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