Android Deep Linking Example

In this tutorial you will learn about android deep linking with an example. In deep linking first we have to understand what does an URI means. Let us consider an example of URI, Here, https is a scheme is a host /demo is a path, directing the specific resource ?userid=100&client=android is a query… Read More »

Django – Getting Data from PostgreSQL and Showing it to Template

In this Django tutorial, we’ll see how we can get the data stored in the database and display it to the template. Prerequisites Have a look on the previous article, in which we’ve seen how to create an app, model and create a super user to work with admin interface. So let’s start. Getting… Read More »

How to Install Joomla 3 on Web Hosting – A Complete Guide

Joomla is among the most popular free Content Management Systems (CMS) in the world. It helps in creating and managing dynamic websites with its intuitive management interface. In short, it is a collection of PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) scripts. Installing Joomla is not a rocket science if you know how to move ahead step-by-step. However, before… Read More »

Difference between Von Neumann and Harvard Architecture

Architecture of a micro computer or a micro controller refers to the arrangement of the CPU with respect of the RAM and ROM. Hence, the Von-Neuman and Harvard architecture are the two ways through which the micro controller can have its arrangement of the CPU with RAM and ROM. Difference between Von Neumann and Harvard… Read More »

Thrashing in Operating System (OS)

When a program need space larger than RAM or it need space when RAM is full, Operating System will try to allocate space from secondary memory and behaves like it has that much amount of memory by serving to that program. This concept is called virtual memory. To know about thrashing we first need to… Read More »

Did you know that the bug search tools in Java code have bugs too?

The PVS-Studio development doesn’t stand still – the team is always monitoring new trends in programming and working hard on further analyzer development. The biggest feature that appeared in the analyzer is support for Java. It is a widely used one today, and it was one of the candidates when we were considering which language… Read More »

Django PostgreSQL Installation and Setup

We’ll know that SQLite is very powerful, embedded relational database management system and it offers a really amazing set of tools to manage approximately all sorts of data. But when it comes Multi-user applications (where multiple users want to use the same databases),  It fails. So It is recommended to choose a fully featured relational… Read More »