Difference between Linear and Non Linear Data Structure

Here you will learn about difference between linear and non linear data structure. Data structures are basically a way of storing and logically implementing the data elements. These elements need to be stored in a way which makes them orderly and organized. Apart from the primitive data structures which include the int, char, float, double… Read More »

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What is Web Hosting? And Why Do I Need it?

Some of the newbies think that buying a domain name is enough to get a website live. But  domain is just a name by which people will recognize your website! What makes a website active on the internet though is a website hosting. A trustworthy web hosting partner is crucial to building a good website.… Read More »

SkySilk – A Managed Cloud Services Provider

Managing data in a cloud is an important aspect to any developers journey through building their projects. With an advent in storage and managing solutions, it is becoming even more difficult for us to select the perfect provider for our cloud services; Including many aspects like security and integrity-which are also among the most crucial… Read More »

Understanding the Core Principles of Lean Development

The quest for perfection in the business world is a never-ending journey. While it might be impossible to achieve perfection in your workflow, it is possible to get closer to it every day with a well-structured system in place. This is what lean development has to offer companies that would love to perfect their craft.… Read More »

C Program to Read File Line by Line

Here you will get C program to read file line by line. In below program we first open a demo file hello.txt with some text in read mode. Make sure the file is already present. Then we read the file character by character and display on screen. Program


How to Attract More Clients to Your Design Business

Learning design principles and programs are easy enough for anyone dedicated. The Web has given us unlimited resources from detail tutorials to communities helping us improve as designers. This love for design sparks a business idea — a way to monetize our design skills. The problem: Getting clients. This low-barrier to entry is also one… Read More »

Understanding Event & Log Management Best Practices

Log management is considered one of the key elements when it comes to managing, maintaining and troubleshooting IT systems. However, the success that you can reap from log management will trickle down to the practices that you indulge in. Without setting the best practices in place, it can be quite easy for your staff to… Read More »

Python Speech Recognition Using Google Speech API

In this tutorial you will learn about python speech recognition. There are plenty of options available for this. But Google Speech API is best among all of them. So in this article we are going to see how we can implement Google Speech API in Python. Required Installation Files 1. Install  PyAudio PyAudio provides Python… Read More »