The Hidden Costs of Developing a Mobile Application

More and more companies are realizing just how valuable a mobile application can be for their businesses. However, they also tend to make a very common mistake: they begin development without considering all of the costs associated with the process. Depending on the specifications and requirements, software development companies pricing for mobile app development and… Read More »

Top 5 Best Coding Apps in 2020

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11 Best Node Js Books in 2020

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What Kind of Education Does a Programmer Need?

Algorithm theory, mathematical statistics, and analysis, information theory, graphs, basics of physics – all these are directions and subjects necessary for becoming in practical programming. Yes, a lot of knowledge is required, and there are even more areas of work for the carrier. Therefore, it is difficult to say clearly how a professional programmer is… Read More »

Implicit Declaration of Function in C

We are very much familiar with the flow control in C where it follows the Top-Down approach, and when we are writing a C program and if we are using any function, we might have come across a very common error ‘Implicit declaration of function’. Now why this error occurred? The answer is already in… Read More »

How to Get Free Azure Subscription for a Month

Hello everyone, So today we’ll see how we can get the free azure subscription to use for a month. So later we can decide whether we should upgrade our plan or discontinue. If you don’t know what azure then just has a look on this – Let’s start with the things that will be… Read More »