How to add PHP to a WordPress Page or Post?

WordPress comes with an intuitive visual editor that covers all your basic needs for posting content. No coding is needed. However, when making custom pages or posts, you might need to add your own PHP code. How to add PHP to a WordPress page or post properly? Read on, I’ll present the easiest way to… Read More »

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Python Global Variables

In this tutorial we will be discussing about Python global variables. A variable which is declared outside of any function i.e. in the global space is known as global variable. Global variables are useful when multiple functions need to use the same data. In C, C++ we can use and modify global variables directly in… Read More »

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS): Web App Enemy Number One

Web applications are both a valuable resource for organizations and one of the biggest threats to their cyber security. Web apps are designed to be exposed to users via the Internet, allowing them the convenience of interacting with their accounts via their browser. However, this same easy access also makes these web apps a prime… Read More »

Angular vs AngularJS – Difference between Angular and AngularJS

In this article, you will learn about the difference between Angular and AngularJS. Angular It is a very well known top front-end framework. It uses Microsoft’s TypeScript language which has many advantages like type declarations, type checking, object-oriented features and the benefits of ES6 like iterators and lambdas. It has many versions like 2, 4,… Read More »

Python Numpy Matrix Multiplication

In this tutorial we will see python matrix multiplication using numpy (Numerical Python) library. For using numpy you must install it first on your computer, you can use package manager like pip for installing numpy. Numpy provide array data structure which is almost the same as python list but have faster access for reading and… Read More »

Array vs Linked List – Difference between Array and Linked List

Ever wondered, How data is stored inside the computer’s memory? You can’t just throw data into the memory without making proper structure for the data. To provide a organised structure for the data to get stored inside the computer’s memory so that we can use and manage the stored data in the most efficient way… Read More »

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Blue Eyes Technology

We are living in a world where we cannot imagine the next possibilities revolving around us. In ancient times, people would have never imagined a world where everything stays on technology. Believe it or not, if just for one day we are not able to access the internet, we usually get frustrated and start overthinking… Read More »

HTML vs HTM – Difference between HTML and HTM

Do you know? Every page on the World Wide Web (WWW) is built using HTML. This is because every browser including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge understand this hypertext markup language to render what we usually call a web page. HTML is a markup language that helps in the formatting of different kinds of a… Read More »