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Python Send Email Using SMTP

In this tutorial we will see how to send email using Python. We will need two python libraries for the same, smtplib will be used for making a host for sending email it will also handle routing of email between different servers. email package allows us to use HTML and other kind of text in… Read More »

Python NoneType

In this tutorial we are going to discuss about Python NoneType. Before we start discussion on NoneType let us first see what is an object. In any programming language preliminary data types are int, float, char etc. and we can create a class by mixing different data types together and the instances of these classes… Read More »

Python Check Variable Type – 3 Ways

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to check variable type in Python.  One of the features of Python is it uses Dynamic data type. It means we need not to specify which type of data the variable is going to hold. One time in our code a variable can hold integer later… Read More »

Python Global Variables

In this tutorial we will be discussing about Python global variables. A variable which is declared outside of any function i.e. in the global space is known as global variable. Global variables are useful when multiple functions need to use the same data. In C, C++ we can use and modify global variables directly in… Read More »

Python Numpy Matrix Multiplication

In this tutorial we will see python matrix multiplication using numpy (Numerical Python) library. For using numpy you must install it first on your computer, you can use package manager like pip for installing numpy. Numpy provide array data structure which is almost the same as python list but have faster access for reading and… Read More »

Python Web Scraping Tutorial

In this tutorial, we are going to talk about web scraping using python. Firstly, we have to discuss about what is web scraping technique? Whenever we need the data (it can be text, images, links and videos) from web to our database. Lets discuss where we should need the web scraping in real world. Nowadays,… Read More »

What is Python used for?

In this article you will get to know what is python used for or its applications. Python is an ubiquitous scripting language. Of course many of us might be aware of the magical things we can do with the help of python, that is another story all the way and we will talk about this… Read More »

Python CGI Programming

Python Programming language is broadly used by developers to create standalone, desktop, enterprise and web applications these days. Here in this article, I’m going to cover trending CGI programming in python. If you have just marked your presence in the python programming universe, then I believe you should go for Simplilearn’s Python Training accessible anytime… Read More »