PHP Custom Web Development – Its Applications, Advantages & Disadvantages

PHP is a server side scripting language that uses server resources for processing the outputs. It is a free open source coding language allowing you to customize it according to your needs and requirements. Creating dynamic websites can conveniently be done with the widely available scripts. PHP being a free and open source language, you can create your own scripts as well.

PHP is extensively used for creating customized websites majorly for ecommerce sites. Other than that, PHP is also used in many web related applications as well.

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PHP Custom Web Development - Its Applications, Advantages & Disadvantages

PHP Applications


If you have an ecommerce site, using PHP as the scripting language is the best option available. Create ecommerce solutions yourself through customized PHP script give you the additional and unique features to your site. You can use ready frameworks like CakePHP or CodeIgniter or you can create your own script. You can integrate payment gateways like PayPal with the few PHP scripts. These frameworks have broad documentation to assist you in creating applications from the very basic.

Management Tool

You might be developing a website for some client who likes to check on the progress at regular intervals. PHP is one of the best tools for keeping a check on the progress of any website. PHP is the ideal resource to give out feedback to your clients.

The internet is flooded with an array of project management tools. Basecamp is one of the best and most effective tools for project management. However, PHP also allows you to build your very own Project management tool. You can include or exclude features as you like. Keeping your client updated with the gradual progress of the project keeps them satisfied.

User Interface

If you have extensive knowledge of PHP, you can also try your hands at creating applications for desktop. Though creating a graphical user interface in PHP is tough, still if you are thorough with PHP, you can venture into this. The most popular PHP extension is PHP GTK and ZZEE PHP GUI. The best way to learn about the language is through creating yourself an application.

Online Community

An online community is vital for any business, be it ecommerce, product or services. The community works as a platform where clients and prospective customers can interact with you. You can address to any queries of the clients, provide technical support as well as receive feedbacks.

PHP lets you build and create your own community. You can also use other tools for creating online forums. However if you have an advanced knowledge in PHP, it is better to create a forum with this script. PHP lets you customize your website enabling you to create websites that you would love and your viewers would get addicted to.

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Social Applications

PHP apart from creating custom website also lets you create applications. If you are a developer then you must be thorough with the application development allowed by PHP. However, if you are new to this language, then it would benefit you to know that PHP can be integrated with Facebook. The developers Wikipedia of Facebook would give out extensive detail on how to use PHP in creating applications for the social network.

If you take an interest in application development, the Facebook PHP library provides you with an extensive detail on how to create an application.

Charts and Graphs

When we create a site especially service sites, we often require figurative representation of your work. Graphical representation of numbers makes it easier for you to understand the process and the progress. With the help of Image_Graph tool you can present your numeric data in graphical format. PHP lets you create various kinds of graphs including bar graph, line graph, pie charts etc.

Advantages of PHP in Custom Web Development

Simple Learning: PHP is quite easy to learn. Doing extensive manual study is not required in PHP. It has a syntax which is easy to understand. It has html embedding hence programmers who are already working with these codes can easily understand the working of PHP.

Not Chargeable: PHP is an open source scripting language. Hence this language can be availed by anybody who has the knowledge of working with PHP. The development and upgrading of the language too is done by community developers.

Disadvantages of PHP in Custom Web Development

Security: PHP is an open source language. Hence changes and upgrades can be done by all and sundry. This poses a threat especially of bugs. These bugs can be used to locate weaknesses in a PHP website.

Unwanted Codes: Developers using PHP often find the code library filled with unnecessary and unwanted codes. This may result in sluggish working of your server. 

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