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How JavaScript and WordPress Interact with Each Other?

Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress, stated in December’s WordCamp US “learn JavaScript, deeply”. But what does it actually mean and what is the connection between learning JavaScript and using WordPress? JavaScript is an ever-growing and well-established front-end language that has been conventionally used to add effects and create animations for different web pages. However, if… Read More »

Top 7 Reasons Why Node.js Is So Popular

To put it simple, Node.js outshines other web applications by replacing websockets with revolutionary push technology. You would ask, what is so unique about it? Well, we finally have cutting-edge web applications with two-way, real-time connections where both the server and client can build communication, allowing them to exchange valuable data. Now this is in… Read More »

JavaScript Captcha Example

In this tutorial you will get JavaScript captcha example. Captcha is used to determine whether or not the user that is filling and submitting a web form is human. While developing web projects we often require to add captcha feature. So here I have shared the simplest way to create captcha in JavaScript. It will… Read More »

AJAX with JSP Using jQuery Example

Here you will get an example of AJAX with JSP using jQuery. AJAX is used for sending and receiving data from server without reloading the page. We can implement AJAX easily using jQuery. It provides various methods for AJAX functionality. I have created this example using Eclipse IDE. Below I have shared detailed steps for… Read More »

Java JSON Example

In this tutorial you will learn about Java JSON example. What is JSON? JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. JSON is a lightweight and an easier way for exchanging data on the web. JSON is originated from JavaScript programming language. JSON is a good alternative of XML. JSON is language independent and supports data structures… Read More »

Top 7 Mistakes AngularJS Developers Should Avoid

AngularJS is one of the powerful tools, used for managing the display of data. It is the most impressive JavaScript frameworks in the industry. The main purpose of AngularJS is to elucidate the web development process that makes it perfect for prototyping smaller applications. Moreover, it is used to develop a Single Page Application that… Read More »

Learn the Effective Guidelines for Coding Standards of jQuery

jQuery can be considered as the library of DOM (Document Object Model) where all the elements can be used after proper selection and manipulation. According to the expert reviews, the attributes like color and visibility and properties like h1 tag can be customized or responded with an event. The event may be a simple mouse… Read More »