C++ Program to find Compound Interest

Here you will get C++ program to find compound interest.


Enter Principle, Rate and Time:

Compound Interest = 1082.43

5 thoughts on “C++ Program to find Compound Interest

  1. Shreoshree

    well, sorry to say but ur formula is wrong…. ‘t’ is not an exponent of ‘p’…. we hav 2 take ‘p’ out side the pow function… hope u make necessary changes:)

  2. Ashish Shukla

    11. Write C++ program to calculate the simple compound interest with necessary exception handling functions.(Consider 3 input parameters Amt, Time, Interest Rate, And output should be the total Amount after compounding. Program should give Exception message when input is not proper E.g. 3 12 only 2 parameter passed if, the Exception raised should be handled asking user to re-enter the input.)

  3. Punit

    I’m not satisfied by your program beacause ypur formula is wrong….
    I hope you understand what I’m want to say….
    You will be change this necessary………..

  4. philo

    your programme is not working well
    go through it and make necessary corrections.


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