C++ Program to print a man using graphics

C++ Program to print a man using graphics

void main()
   int gdriver=DETECT,gmode;
   initgraph(&gdriver, &gmode, “c:\turboc3\bgi”);

   //for head

   //for neck

   //For centre part

   //for legs

   //for right hand

   //for left hand

   //for shoes


   //for name
   outtextxy(293,150,”The Crazy”);


19 thoughts on “C++ Program to print a man using graphics”

    1. Neeraj Mishra

      Hi Mukseh, i am telling you the steps to execute above program.

      1. Copy the whole code given above.
      2. Now open notepad and paste the code that you have copied.
      3. Save it with a name, for example "program.cpp" , don't forget to add .ccp at the end of name.
      4. Now copy the file to c:>tc>bin.
      5. Open turbo c compiler and then open the file that you have just copied to bin folder.
      6. Now press alt+f9 to compile and then press ctrl+f9 to run the program.

      I hope this will help you.

    1. Neeraj Mishra

      Hi Rakesh
      This program is 100% working, i have just run and compiled it. Just follow the steps that i have explained in above comment, you will surely able to run it.

      1. anything doesn’t work even after opening form notepad and then in c++ it doesn’t work at all please can u
        say an alternate method for making this program run

  1. Dear sir, can you help me to explain which keywords are used to run this programme. Either they are user defined function or pre-defined function. Like ellipse, line , arc etc.

  2. Anamika kushwaha

    Every bady please onpen your harbor++ and then go to the option the to the linker then libraries then select graphics and the compile it and then run it

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