Anonymous Array in Java

  • An array without name is known as anonymous array in java
  • As the array do not have any name so it can be used only once. 
  • Anonymous array is passed as an argument of method. 
  • Anonymous array is created and initialized in the same line.

How to Create Anonymous Array in Java?

A sample program is given below which shows that how 1D and 2D anonymous array can be created and used in java. In this program I have just created, initialized and passed two anonymous arrays in a method. In print() method I am printing the elements of the arrays. If you find any difficulty to understand the program then you can comment below and ask your queries.

Anonymous Array in Java

2 thoughts on “Anonymous Array in Java

  1. Naveen Roy

    Thank you sir this is nice tutorial. My concept is now totaly clear….

  2. Tanukonda Venkata Mallikarjuna

    why we are using “new” in the main class of the print


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