PL/SQL Developer Tool Installation

This tutorial will guide you to install the PL/SQl developer tool on your computer. As we now know, PL/SQL is Oracle’s proprietary and is an extension of SQL. There are two ways to execute PL/SQL programs.

1. Browser Based
2. Standalone Application

Browser Based Application

Yes, you can execute your PL/SQL programs in your web browser in the same way as you do in a standalone application. The software which helps you do this is Oracle Application Express. It helps in development of web applications, PL/SQL and even SQL programs online. Oracle Application Express software enables you to design, develop and deploy responsive, beautiful and database-driven applications using only your web browser. For better compatibility, prefer using the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Go to link:

Make an ID preferably given on the right hand top corner of the page. Thereafter, Click on “Get Started”.

You have 3 options now.

1. Download on OTN (Oracle Technology Network)
2. Cloud Service
3. Free Workspace

You can actually try any one of them. Look at their descriptions. Click on  the following marked options on the site and then click “Next”.

1. Free Workspace
2. Application Development
3. Fill in your name and other details
4. Fill in the Schema name and memory space and keep it around 40MB.
5. Fill in other Details and then click Next

Standalone Application

PL/SQL Developer Tool Installation

For this, you can either opt for:

1. Oracle Database Express Edition 11G
2. Oracle Express Edition

The first software is actually sufficient to run PL/SQL programs. However, if you want a specialized environment for executing PL/SQL programs, download the second software as well.

Note: Oracle Database Express Edition 11G is mandatory to install.

Oracle Database Express Edition 11G:

Oracle Application Express:

Installation Steps For Oracle Database Express Edition 11G

1. Download the software file from the above mentioned link.

2. Run the downloaded file and Choose ‘Accept Agreement License’ option and Click ‘Next’.
3. Select the destination folder for installation of the software. Keep it default location if you’re a beginner. Click ‘Next’.

4. Specify the Database Password and remember it for further use as it will be needed to start the Database from cmd. Click ‘Next’.

5. Click on further ‘Next’ buttons and then click on ‘Finish’ button as it arrives.

6. Now we need to run the Oracle 11g software by clicking Start>Oracle Database 11G Edition>Database Home Page.
7. It will ask you for Username and Password. Username shall be SYSTEM or SYS and Password is the one which you have entered before during installation.
8. Select the following: Administration>Database Users>Create User and then Log out.

9. Now you can re-login the new Username and Password (if applicable) and work accordingly.
Be ready with the final installation of PL/SQL developer tool and get onto real programming stuff now.

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