Difference Between MySQL and ORACLE

Here you will get to know about difference between mysql and oracle database.

Both MySQL and Oracle are popular relational database management software developed by Oracle Corporation.

MySQL: Its name is combination of words “My” and “SQL”, where “My” is name of daughter of co-founder Michael Widenius. And SQL full form is Structured Query Language. It is most popular free and Open Source database management system Developed and maintained by Oracle Corporation.

ORACLE: It commonly known as Oracle RDBMS, is a multi-model database management system produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation. Oracle database commonly used for running Data ware housing (DW), online transaction processing (OLTP) and mixing of these two (DW & OLTP)

Difference between MySQL and Oracle

MySQL Oracle
MySQL is free open source Database. Oracle is a commercial database.
It is light, simple RDBMS, very well for web. Oracle is very powerful than MySQL, allows to write any complex system like in Banking, ERP, Insurance, finance companies.
MySQL doesn’t support distributed databases. Oracle supports distributed databases.
Mysqlhotcopy and mysqldump are backup utilities for MySQL. Oracle has different type of backups like cloud backup, hot backup, export, import data dump. It offers most popular backup utility called Recovery Manager (RMAN)
Temporary tables will be displayed only to particular session. Those tables will be dropped automatically as soon as session ends. But in oracle, tables should be dropped explicitly. Those are visible to all sessions.
MySQL doesn’t support any extra features. Oracle supports several extensions and programs on its database server for instance, Active Data Guard, Audit vault, Partitioning, and Data Mining etc.
MySQL doesn’t have Tablespace, Role management, sanapshots and automatic storage management. On other hand Oracle has all of these features.
MySQL written in C and C++ Oracle written in Assembly Language, C and C++
Some most popular companies which use MySQL database are: YouTube, PayPal, Google, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, eBay, LinkedIn etc. Some most popular companies which use Oracle databases are: CAIRN India, TVS Motor Company, Vilene, National foods Australia, ENEL etc.
Official website: www.mysql.com Official website: www.oracle.com/­database

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  1. This is article is wrong and you should fix it.

    MySQL is developed by ORACLE.

    Oracle is just the name of the COMPANY which develops MySQL, among other programs like Java, PeopleSOFT, Solaris, etc. Oracle is a company that develops many products. All you have to do is go to the MySQL website and scroll to the bottom to see that MySQL is an oracle product.

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