Why Do You Need to Listen to Your Developer When Choosing Web Hosting?

A web developer is a person who’s responsible for a visual appeal of a website and performs tasks related to the website’s layout, development of web applications, and integration of graphics. A web developer is also a person who writes programs that are important for the design of a website using computer languages such as HTML, JavaScript, or C#.

Why Do You Need to Listen to Your Developer When Choosing Web Hosting

Web Developers Aren’t Just There to Design Your Website

Web developers are focused on designing codes that web programmers have written and on troubleshooting. So, these two positions shouldn’t be equated. If we compare the nature of the job of these two occupations with occupations in other fields, it could be said that the difference between web programmers and web developers is like the difference between civil engineers who design houses and the construction workers who process and cut down trees to build a house.  Web developers can almost always do tasks of web programmers but they are often more expensive than programmers and slower than them in code writing in the early stages of a project.

Web programmers, who are sometimes called “encoders”, can become web developers with the acquisition of some experience. They can also thrive and find themselves in various roles such as programmer analysts, system analysts, or working in the field of quality assurance. Simply put, most web developers started their careers as programmers. Web development can be divided into frontend (client-side) and backend (server-side) programming.

Can a Developer Help You with Hosting for Your Site?

Knowing that the job of a web developer (in addition to programming) requires multidisciplinary knowledge and experience, and covers various processes (development, design, implementation, standardization, security, database development and optimization, and maintenance) if you want to make your own website, you should listen to your developer when it comes to many things, including web hosting.

The choice of web hosting is the basis for your online presence. Bad hosting can affect your website by slowing it down. Very often and without explanation, downtime will occur and your website will be offline more than online. All this will lead to a very bad experience for your visitors.

Website owners must be aware that database storing information for their pages might get into the wrong hands and cost them reputation, so they must think ahead to prevent this. If some of this data (such as banking data or online dating data) are placed on MySQL database and then breached, it can potentially intrude into clients’ privacy and ruin it. That’s why website owners should ask their web developers if they can provide them with quality MySQL hosting plans and packages. Some of them can really do a good job of protecting you against these issues. Yes, MySQL server is one of the most successful open-source products but, due to its popularity (usually used for powering almost every content management system), it has been a regular target for hackers wanting to steal data from websites whose database is written and interacted by SQL (Structured Query Language). Facing security challenges, utmost care needs to be taken to configure MySQL in order to strengthen its security.

A common mistake is to choose a hosting provider that first pops up on Google when you search for a solution in regard to this. Even though some hosting providers are well positioned in search engines, you don’t know much about them. As a website owner, maybe you should rely on the expertise of a web developer whom you already included in the project.

The Type of Hosting That Developers Usually Offer to Clients

Besides his programming skills, web developers very often have knowledge in SEO and web design but also offer web hosting services. For this, they usually team up with someone, that is, have partners.  Actually, web developers build web hosting costs with reseller hosting plans into an existing client package. Developers choose to offer reseller web hosting to clients because they simply can’t allocate that much time to start their own hosting company from scratch.

With reseller hosting in cooperation with partners, web developers don’t need to worry about any additional costs related to hardware or resources, which are of the essence to properly manage servers and hosting companies in general. By this, web developers and agencies earn extra money from clients they already have. As resellers, web developers buy hosting services from some large hosting companies and then offer them to their clients. All the hard work (data storage, security, tech support, etc.) is left to the hosting company from which resellers bought service. And hosting companies won’t complain about this division of obligations as long as resellers pay them their monthly wholesale rate.

Verpex is a great provider for this type of hosting, check out their offer for unlimited reseller hosting.

The main job of web developers who are resellers is to promote sales of the hosting service and set prices for hosting plans in order to extract the larger profit margins as possible. If you do well marketing as a reseller, your clients will see you as an “all-in-one” option and gladly accept it because they don’t want to lose time in searching and comparing the hosting quality of providers.

P.S. As a website owner, you should know that reseller hosting isn’t a type of web hosting for everyone. What is for sure, it isn’t for those who have just launched their first website. Nevertheless, the main advantages of reseller hosting are low price and maintenance, as well as a solid amount of space on the server.

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