11 Best Node Js Books in 2024

When we talk about any programming language, it’s very easy to find any video course on Udemy or YouTube but when trying to learn from books, it is one of the most difficult tasks to find a book that will be helpful for us and easy to understand.

For a beginner who is just starting with programming, I would recommend you to first start with C as it is one of the oldest programming languages and it is going to help you in developing your logical skill. Here are some of the handpicked books on C programming language written by some of the best authors out there.

In this post, we are going to look at some of the best books for learning Node Js and these books are specially handpicked and a lot of time has been dedicated while picking each of the books in the list here.

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11 Best Node Js Books in 2024

Get Programming with Node.js

Get Programming with Node.js

This book has 37 fast-paced and fun lessons full of practicals and if you have js skills, you are going to extend your skills to write backend code for your next project.

On purchase of this book, you’ll also get a free eBook in all popular formats including PDF, Kindle and ePub from Manning Publications.

From writing your code for creating webserver to adding live chat to a web app using socket.io, you’ll create eight different projects with this book.

You’ll also cover the most important aspects of the Node development process. Some of them are security, database management, authenticating user accounts, and deploying it to production.

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Node.js Design Patterns

Node.js Design Patterns

This book will help you in mastering the concepts of asynchronous single thread design of node.

It is going to help you in becoming comfortable with asynchronous code by leveraging different constructs such as callbacks, promise, generators and async-await syntax.

This book will help you in identifying the most important concerns and apply unique tricks to achieve higher scalability and modularity in your Node.js application.

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Beginning Node.js

Beginning Node Js

This book is all about getting your hands on Node js, Express and MongoDB all in one book.

The best part about this book is that this book focuses on short and simple bite-sized chapters.

The ultimate goal of the author is to teach you Node, Express and MongoDB development in such a way that you don’t get overwhelmed at any point of the time.

No previous knowledge of Node is required. The only thing is required is that you should be familiar with basic programming concepts.

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Node Cookbook

Node Cookbook

This book is going to help you in creating apps using the best practices of the node js with improved performances and you’ll create readily-scalable production system.

Writing asynchronous event-driven code, build a fast, efficient and scalable client-server solution using the latest version of Node js.

The best part about this book is that this book is going to help you in integrating all major databases such as MongoDB, MySQL/MariaDB, Postgres, Redis and LevelDb, etc.

This book also covers the option for building web applications with the help of Express, Hapi and Koa.

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Web Development with Node and Express

Web development with Node

The author is going to teach you the fundamentals by creating some fictional applications that are going to expose a public website and a RESTful API.

You are going to create webpage templating system for rendering dynamic data, drive into requests and response objects, middleware and URL routing.

You’ll also be simulating a production environment for testing and development.

You’ll be focusing on persistence with document databases, particularly MongoDB, make your resources available to other programs with RESTful APIs, building secure apps with authentication, authorization, and HTTPS.

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Node.Js Web Development

Node js development

This book will help you in creating a real-time server-side application with a practical step-by-step guide.

This is one of the most updated books on Node Js for web development which will teach you server-side js with Node Js and Node modules.

This book is also going to teach you how to configure Bootstrap for the mobile-first theme.

You’ll also be using data storage engines such as MySQL, SQLITE3, and MongoDB.

Understanding the user authentication methods, including OAuth, with third-party services.

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Advanced Node.js Development

Advanced Node Development

This is going to be an in-depth guide in creating API, building a full real-time web app, securing your Node systems, and practical applications of the latest Async and Await technologies.

Covers the full range of technologies around Node.js – npm, MongoDB, version control with Git, and many more.

Advanced Node.js Development is a practical, project-based book that provides you with all you need to progress as a Node.js developer.

Use awesome third-party Node modules such as MongoDB, Mongoose, Socket.io, and Express.

To get the most out of this book, you’ll need to know the basics of web design and be proficient with JavaScript.

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Node.js 8 the Right Way

Node Js 8

We will work with many protocols, create RESTful web services, TCP socket clients and servers, and much more.

We are going to test our code’s functionality with Mocha, and manage its life cycle with npm.

We’ll also discover how Node.js pairs a server-side event loop with a JavaScript runtime to produce screaming fast, non-blocking concurrency.

Create rich command-line tools and a web-based UI using modern web development techniques.

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Beginning API Development with Node.js

API development with Node Js

You are going to learn everything you need to get up and running with cutting-edge API development using JavaScript and Node.js

Node Js is ideal for building data-intensive real-time applications that run across multiple platforms.

Implement over 20 practical activities and exercises across 9 topics to reinforce your learning.

This book will also teach you how you can use JavaScript and Node.js to build highly scalable APIs that work well with lightweight cross-platform client applications.

Develop scalable and high-performing APIs using hapi.js and Knex.js.

This book is ideal for developers who already understand JavaScript and are looking for a quick no-frills introduction to API development with Node.js.

Though prior experience with other server-side technologies such as Python, PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby will help, it’s not essential to have a background in backend development before getting started.

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RESTful Web API Design with Node.js 10

RESTful web API Design

We will be designing and implementing scalable and maintainable RESTful solutions with Node.js 10.

When building RESTful services, it is really important to choose the right framework.

Node.js, with its asynchronous, event-driven architecture, is exactly the right choice for building RESTful APIs.

This third edition of RESTful Web API Design with Node.js 10 will teach you to create scalable and rich RESTful applications based on the Node.js platform.

You will begin by understanding the key principle that makes an HTTP application a RESTful-enabled application.

You’ll learn to set accurate HTTP status codes along with understanding how to keep your applications backwards-compatible.

Also, while implementing a full-fledged RESTful service, you will use Swagger to document the API and implement automation tests for a REST-enabled endpoint with Mocha.

If you are a web developer keen to enrich your development skills to create server-side RESTful applications based on the Node.js platform, this book is for you.

Some knowledge of REST would be an added advantage but is definitely not a necessity.

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Express in Action

Express in action

This book, “Express in Action” is a carefully designed tutorial that teaches you how to build web applications using Node and Express.

On purchase of this book, you’ll also get a free eBook in all popular formats including PDF, Kindle and ePub from Manning Publications.

This book is going to introduce you to Node’s powerful features and how to work with Express in creating scalable web applications.

To get the most out of this book, you’ll need to know the basics of web design and be proficient with JavaScript.

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