How to Become an Ethical Hacker – Learn Hacking Step By Step

With the increasing rate of cyberattacks, organizations and businesses are in immense need of efficient and skilled ethical hackers. Many people consider the term ‘ethical hacking’ as illegal and unlawful. But, it is not the case, as ethical hacking is done lawfully and legitimately. Ethical hacking is carried out to enhance the security of the organization’s systems and protect them from cyberattacks. To become a certified ethical hacker, one must pursue an ethical hacking course.

What is a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)?

A Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) also called a white-hat hacker, uses hackers’ hacking tools and techniques to lawfully hack the organization’s system, identify possible breaches, perform penetration tests on the system, and enhance the system’s security.

One of the most prestigious and globally recognized cybersecurity certifications, the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification is intended for IT professionals who have the expertise to manage the security of the organization’s infrastructure in the cloud, physical, and hybrid environments. The EC Council is responsible for regulating the CEH certification.

With the surge in data breaches and cyberattacks, certified ethical hackers are sought-after by many corporate industries and government sectors. Aspirants can earn the Certified Ethical Hacker Certification by passing the CEH examination.

CEH exam validates professionals for their skill sets in using hacking tools, hacking techniques, and methods used by hackers to hack the organization’s system legitimately. To appear for the CEH exam, one must pursue the hacking training course from an iClass, EC Council’s learning platform, or an Accredited Training Centre (ATC).

How To Become An Ethical Hacker?

How to Become an Ethical Hacker - Learn Hacking Step By Step

1. Learn UNIX Or UNIX-like OS

A UNIX operating system is designed to provide security to the system. It is a multi-user and multi-tasking operating system. You can learn this Operating System (OS) by installing and running its open-source version on a desktop or laptop. One cannot be an Internet hacker without understanding the UNIX operating system. The most popular UNIX-like OS is Linux, which can be run alongside the Windows OS.

2. Learn HTML

HTML is a web language. For any hacker, proficiency in HTML is a must. Most of the data entry and login forms on the internet use the HTML language. Therefore, if a hacker knows how to interpret HTML, they can make any changes in the HTML code. Moreover, it is also used to develop hybrid desktop and mobile applications.

3. Learn Other Programming Languages

Along with HTML, it is necessary to learn several modern computer programming languages, like Java, Python, PHP, and Perl, to become a hacker. The Python language is considered to be one of the best languages for hacking. It has a clean code and is comparatively more comfortable to learn for beginners. For intermediate candidates, Java is the best language. Other languages, like PHP, JavaScript, C++, are also essential.

4. Be Creative

Once you learn all the required hacking skills, you need to be creative and artistic. You have to think like an artist, an engineer, and a philosopher. It may sound strange, but learning martial arts can be beneficial to become a hacker. Try learning these arts that focus on controlling power and improving mental state. The discipline involved in martial arts is the same as required in hacking.

5. Practice Problem Solving

Practicing more problems and finding their solutions will help you to become an efficient hacker. Moreover, if you share a particular problem’s solution publically, it will benefit others experiencing the same issue. Doing this will help you to gain respect. You must take hacking as a way of your life.

6. Participate In Hacking Challenges

The more you participate in hacking challenges, the more you will gain knowledge about hacking concepts. In most hacking challenges, hackers are challenged to control the third party system and breach the software’s security system.

7.  Promote Valuable Information

A good and respected hacker always collects and shares valuable information on the Internet and makes them available. Moreover, as a good hacker, you should write code that is useful and effective for others, and share them with other hackers.

Learn How to Hack Step By Step

The ethical hacking course helps aspirants to become a hacker. This course teaches fundamental hacking concepts, tools, and methods. Moreover, it teaches you how to test, scan, and secure data and hacking systems. Employers hire professionals who possess CEH certification as ethical hackers. Follow the below steps to become a hacker.

  1. Enroll your name in any training organization, like Koenig Solutions, for hacking training.
  2. Pursue the hacking course and learn networking and cybersecurity fundamentals.
  3. Use hacking tools and practice a lot with those tools to be a proficient ethical hacker.


Koenig Solutions is an innovative and well-established Accredited Training Centre that offers several online courses. Candidates pursuing ethical hacking training from this organization can acquire an ethical hacker’s designation in any renowned company. There are expert tutors that offer one-to-one training, enabling candidates to learn at their own pace.

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