History of MongoDB

When we talk about modern application development, one name that comes to our mind is MongoDB. If you’re a programmer, you might hear about MEAN or MERN stacks daily. The MongoDB development happened when the organization was putting all force into developing a Microsoft Azure-type PaaS in 2007.

MongoDB History

MongoDB is a document-oriented server that was developed in the C++ programming language. Mongo is a word that is derived from the Humongous. MongoDB and is the open-source server product, which is used for document-oriented storage.

It was a NY-based company called 10gen and later it changed to MongoDB Inc. Their initial development was mainly focused on building Platform as a Service, soon MongoDB came out as the open-source server that was very well- maintained by the organization.

Kevin Ryan, Dwight Merriman, and Eliot Horowitz were the DoubleClick founders, and also MongoDB developers. All three of them experienced relational database scalability issues when developing web applications at their company.

Mongodb history


  • Dwight Merriman & Kevin O’Connor made the popular advertising company online with the name DoubleClick.
  • Later Kevin Ryan joined their team.


  • Eliot Horowitz then joined DoubleClick Research and Development division as a software engineer after his college.
  • Soon he left the company within 2 years to start ShopWiki all along with Dwight.
  • Both realized they were solving horizontal scalability problems again.


  • Eliot, Dwight, and Kevin started the new company and named it 10gen.
  • The company was mainly focused on creating the PaaS solution with their own application & database stack.
  • It was then 10gen got the required attention from a capitalist Albert Wenger and invested over $1.5 million.
  • The new name was MongoDB Inc


  • MongoDB 1.0 got released this year
  • MongoDB was an open-source database, and the company offered commercial support services.
  • Several companies began using the MongoDB database for its amazing functions and features.


  • The company established its offices in Sydney, Reston, Barcelona, Palo Alto, Dublin, and London that includes the west coast.
  • The company was ranked 9th by Wall Street Journal and was called “Next Big Thing 2012.”
  • MongoDB’s excellent features led to the adoption and were used by several companies across the world.


  • The organization was named officially MongoDB Inc.
  • MongoDB was used by the NY Times newspaper for building the web-based app to submit photos.


  • Major releases happened in this year of MongoDB and it was 3.0 that featured WiredTiger storage engine, better replica member limit of over 50, pluggable engine API, as well as security improvements.
  • Glassdoor featured MongoDB as the best working place.


  • MongoDB Inc. had over 500 employees and the database was downloaded more than 20 million times.
  • It was a major achievement by the company.


  • The company was listed on NASDAQ with the name MDB, and public trading of their product started on 20th October 2017, at over $24 IPO rate for each share.
  • Several large & medium scale companies like SourceForge, Craigslist, Foursquare, and eBay are using MongoDB development for the database applications development.


  • MongoDB went for their second acquisition and took over mLab for over 68 million dollars.
  • mLab, at that time, was offering MongoDB as DBaaS on the cloud and had many customers.


  • MongoDB went for their third acquisition this year and took over Realm, it was the cloud-based mobile company for over $39 million.
  • It was quite interesting for the company as they started as PaaS hosting web service and after over 12 years, they were in the same direction.
  • MongoDB 4.2 got released in the same year with the distributed transaction support.


  • MongoDB 3.6 is their latest version that was supported by MS Azure CosmosDB since August 2020.
  • The MongoDB current version of the community server is MongoDB 4.4.


  • Since September 2021, MongoDB Inc has had a market cap of over $32.79 Billion.
  • It made MongoDB the most valuable firm by the market cap as per the data.
  • Market capitalization or market cap is the total value of the publicly traded company’s excellent shares and is used to measure how much the company is worth.


MongoDB is quite magnificent and it is best for the projects that need schema-less data storage as well as can handle vast databases. Their database is well-suited to create CMS platforms, data analytics, blogging platforms, document storage portals, e-commerce portals, location-based apps, and Metadata storage.

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