What is Tailgating in Cyber Security

Want to know what tailgating is in cyber security? Tailgating or piggybacking is one of the hacking techniques hackers use. The main goal of tailgating is to enter the local place with no proper authentication. So, do you want to know more about tailgating in-depth?

You must read this article because here I have explained it in detail. You will also understand various ways to prevent such hacking efforts from hackers. Thus, read this essential article to get fresh updates on the same.

What is Tailgating in Cyber Security

What is Tailgating in Cyber Security?

Tailgating is the most common way hackers use to get access in a minimal place. This approach of hacking is also known as piggybacking in cyber security. In this, the hackers follow the authorized person to enter in very restricted place of the organization. They may arrive as the delivery men to deliver the bunch of boxes and wait to open the door of the targeted location.

So, they can get access to the electronic access control unity of that place. Therefore, it is considered a social engineering cyberattack as it is always an electronic component. And using this technique, they perform crimes like phishing, whaling, and spear phishing.

How Does Tailgating Work?

It mainly includes following the authorized person at the restricted place to access the door by lock code. So, to get the lock’s code, the fraudsters can trick the authorized person using various ways. They may arrive as repairmen, men struggling in handling boxes, and delivery men. These are just a few lists, and all the time, hackers try different approaches to use this technique.

Hence, you need to stay up to date with cyber security awareness training to keep yourself safe. However, it is a simple technique that mainly relies on human decisions. And if such fraudsters trick the bug in the human hardware, they might succeed in getting access to that restricted place.

Psychology of Tailgating?

Tailgating is the technical name of the psychological manipulation of the human. And there, your brain considers that hacker as a victim and asks you to help them. But if you get tricked, you may suffer from the loss of money, reputation, and confidence. It is an information technology technique similar to phishing and built to fool people.

If you haven’t had any idea about the same, you might be at significant risk of getting tricked into this dangerous thing. Hence, you need to know about the consequences you may face due to tailgating.

Who is At The Risk in Tailgating?

Nowadays, you can see several cases of tailgating where hackers and fraudsters steal the organizations’ assets. They might steal costly equipment including laptops and other costly things. They may even install spyware in the computer devices of the organizations.

However, some hackers also steal the sensitive data of the companies to harm them. You may even see some try to access the company’s server room by making a backdoor. And all these activities are more than sufficient to cause a significant loss to the company. In reality, it has become a severe challenge for a large organization to deal with.

Most businesses have faced the loss of reputation damage, financial loss, and even loss of their sensitive data. Therefore, companies, influential organizations train their employees about the responsibility and these threats. So, they can prevent such harmful activities in their organization.

How to Prevent Tailgating?

There is not any guarantee that by using some technique, you can stop tailgating. Because every time hackers come with a new approach to harm such organizations. But still, there are some crucial things to know to prevent or minimize the chances of being a victim of tailgating.

Firstly, companies need to make strong policies in the workplace and use advanced access control at the entrance. They should make the place restricted by using advanced security features.

Also, companies can train their current and new staff with the latest cyber security training. They can be aware of the employees about such crimes, solutions, and the consequences.

Primarily the large organization becomes the victim of tailgating. Because they have many contractors for every different task. And they also have large business areas with many floor buildings.

They might even be working with freelance or remote professionals. Hence, they need to give more attention to implementing essential ways to prevent such activity. Because for hackers, even a small loophole can be a great way to execute their harmful intentions.

Therefore such companies can use the below-mentioned things.

#1. They can allow intelligent ID cards for every employee and give different badges.

#2. Hiring security guards is also a preventative idea to cope with tailgating.

#3. Such companies can also start using biometric access control at restricted places.

#4. Some companies can also consider access controls that require a unique PIN.

#5. They make it compulsory to wear badges for every visitor in the workplace.

#6. Install cyber security tools at various sections of the server areas.

#7. They can even hire cyber security experts or a team of experts.

These are just a few things that a company can do from its side. And they can even train their employees to prevent such situations. Because there is not any benefit of using expensive tools if the employees are not well trained.

Hence, look below-mentioned points that will highlight how the employees can prevent tailgating in the organization.

#1. Tell them if they are in the office uniform and they need to help others. They must not hold the door for anyone entering the workplace, especially at restricted places.

#2. Tell employees to stop the people if they are coming with them to the restricted place.

#3. Give them such confidence and power to ask or challenge suspicious people in the workplace.

#4. Guide all employees to tell the visitors to visit the reception area for any query.

#5. Be aware of the repairmen, delivery person, and other outsiders as they can be hackers.


Tailgating can seem a simple thing, but many organizations have faced huge losses. Hence, you must be aware of tailgating and use the best ways to prevent tailgating at your workplace.

So, to prevent such consequences, use some key things we discussed in the article. Because if you stay tuned with cyber security, you can surely get much help in preventing tailgating efforts from hackers.

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