Download Turbo C++ for Mac 2024

In this article, I will show you the working way to download and install Turbo C++ for Mac Intel as well as M1 chip system.

Turbo C++ was a popular compiler developed by Borland. Although it’s a really old compiler still lots of people use it to do programming in C and C++. It’s easily available for the Windows platform but for Mac we have to go through various steps to make it run.

How to Install Turbo C++ on Mac?

Turbo C++ was not originally made for Mac, so for running it on Mac os we need two things one is DosBox and another is the C++ compiler itself. Let’s have a look at how to install them on Mac.

1. Download DosBox latest version from

2. Download file from this link

3. Extract the file and move the TC folder to the Desktop.

4. Now open DosBox and run the following command one by one. See the below image for reference.

mount c ~
cd desktop/tc/bin

DosBox Mac

5. This will open the Turb C++ compiler. For full screen use Option+Enter key.

6. You have to repeat step 4 every time you want to run the compiler.

Turbo C++ for Mac

Note: In case your mouse does not work in the full screen mode use fn+F10 key to go to the options menu in Turbo C++.

I hope this guide will help you to run Turbo C++ on your Mac system. For any queries ask in the comments.

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