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Implicit Declaration of Function in C

We are very much familiar with the flow control in C where it follows the Top-Down approach, and when we are writing a C program and if we are using any function, we might have come across a very common error ‘Implicit declaration of function’. Now why this error occurred? The answer is already in… Read More »

Single Precision vs Double Precision

Here you will learn about Single Precision vs Double Precision. When talking about the numbers, amount of precision that can be reached using a representation technique has always been the major area of interest for the researchers. This curiosity to increase the precision and challenge the representation limits of numerical values, in computer science, lead to… Read More »

Difference between Macro and Function

In this post, we are going to understand difference between macro and function. But before getting started, I want to explain little bit about macro and function to you in an easy way. What is a function? A function can be stated as a group of statements that performs some kind of task. In every… Read More »

Difference between while and do while Loop

Here you will get to know about difference between while and do while loop. Both while and do while loops are used to execute set of statements multiple times. But there are some differences between them in terms of syntax and working that I have discussed below. Difference between while and do while Loop while… Read More »

Difference between float and double

Here you will learn about difference between float and double i.e. float vs double. These are two commonly used floating point data types in programming languages like C, C++, Java, etc. Both float and double are used to store values with decimal point but there are some differences between them that are mentioned below. float… Read More »

How to Convert String to int in C and C++

There are different ways to convert string to int in C and C++. Like using inbuilt function or writing custom code. Lets take a look on each of them one by one. The programs below are written in C but the same concept will work for C++. Ways to Convert String to int in C… Read More »

Difference between Declaration and Definition in C

Mostly beginner programmers are not aware of difference between declaration and definition in C. In this tutorial I will explain the both terms clearly. Declaration It tells compiler about the name and type of the identifier (variable, function, array, etc.). Memory is not reserved in this case. Variable Declaration In above example we declared a… Read More »