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C else if Clause

Till now we have learnt about the if statement, if-else statement, if-else nested statements and logical operators. Logical operators are good alternatives of nested if-else statements. But there are still some cases when we have to use nested if-else clause. So to make those situations a bit easy, Dennis Ritchie introduced else if clause. What …

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Logical Operators in C

Nested if-else statement helps in creating multiple choices inside a program. But there are also some disadvantages of using them which are given below. Indentation is most important while using nested if-else statements. But if we add 2 layer nesting inside on if-else block. Then you will notice that your program is creeping towards right. …

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Nested if else in C

Here you will learn about nested if else in C In the previous tutorial we have learnt about if-else statements. Those statements provide the flexibility to check for two possible faces of answer. But it is also possible that there will be more than two options for the answer. To make things more precise, take …

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