C++ Program to Delete an Element from Array

This is a C++ program to delete an element from array.

The user input an element to delete, the element is then searched in the array, if it is found it is deleted and new array is displayed. If the element is not present in the array then a not found message is displayed.



How many elements of Array you want to create?5

Enter elements of Array
14 8 3 6 9

Enter element to delete:6

New Array is 14 8 3 9


3 thoughts on “C++ Program to Delete an Element from Array

  1. Hassan

    I copy this code and run on turbo C++ but i dose not work? Please explain steps by using comments

  2. saima

    my c++ programme output is not working tell me procedure how to ocrrect

  3. a.agarwal

    q1.a function based menu driven program to do the following.options are
    a.count no of two lettered and three lettered words in a line
    b.count the frquency of a specified word in a line


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