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C++ STL Deque Container – std::deque

Here you will learn about C++ STL Deque container i.e. std::deque and all functions applicable on it. Note: Deque should be pronounced as “deck”. It named because Double Ended Queue (DEQUE). Deques are come under sequence containers. These are double ended with features of expansion and contraction on both the ends. These are similar to… Read More »

C++ STL Vector Container – std::vector

Here you will learn about C++ STL Vector Container i.e. std::vector and various functions applicable on it. Vector, as we discussed earlier vector is dynamic array that grows in one direction. Also Read: C++ STL Array Container – std::array C++ STL Vector Vectors are dynamic arrays. When we insert a new element or delete an element from… Read More »

C++ STL Array Container – std::array

Here you will learn about STL Array Container in C++ i.e. std::array. I Hope you know about C-type arrays (arrays in C language). Since C++ is just extension to C language we can use those. The main property is that, Array contains series of elements of same type placed in contiguous memory locations. i.e suppose we… Read More »

C++ Standard Template Library (STL) – Introduction

In this tutorial you will learn about what is STL in C++, what it provides and overview of all STL items. STL means Standard Template Library. STL is the most crafted libraries among all other libraries in C++. It is heart of C++. It includes containers, algorithms and iterators. C++ Standard Template Library (STL) What… Read More »