Convert Binary to Decimal in C++

Here you will learn how to convert binary to decimal in C++.

We can convert a binary number into decimals in the following way.

  • Multiply each digit from right to left by a power of 2. Here the power of 2 will be the position of the digit starting from 0.
  • Now add all the values to obtain the decimal number.

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C++ Program to Convert Binary to Decimal


using namespace std;

int main()
	unsigned long i,n,num=0,d;
	cout<<"Enter any Binary number:";
	cout<<"\nThe Decimal conversion of "<<n<<" is ";

	return 0;


Enter any Binary number:111
The Decimal conversion of 111 is 7

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    1. /*This is another approach, but this has a flaw while used in C++. This code works perfectly in C language.
      This program uses the Algo with the least no of executable lines in C to perform the binary to decimal conversion, hence the quickest known to me. To know about the flaw or any doubt in the code U can ask me on this email id :*/


      void main()
      long int bnum,dnum=0,base=1,rem;

      cout<<"Enter the binary number : ";

      rem = bnum%10;
      dnum = dnum+rem*base;
      base = base*2;
      bnum = bnum/10;
      cout<<"nEquivalent decimal value : "<<dnum;


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